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Life Purpose Activation – CANCELLED


β€œDestiny is an energy beyond the human life, connected to consciousness and which develops out of consciousness as an energy on its own, of a Higher Realm, manifesting through the human incarnations.

It is a very focussed energy, containing very strong, condensed and powerful information and its own momentum. This means that once it is activated through our Divine Free Will, it doesn’t need much effort to be utilised, because it’s already infused with programs of creation and manifestation.”

“Creation is boundless and limitless, same as you. This is the Truth that you need to hold in your space, so that the space that you are creating is being born out of this Truth and infused with its frequency.

The details are not important as such, because without the Presence of Truth and the resonance that it creates, nothing will work in the sense of coherence with your Destined Path.

Focus on yourself and on your boundless, limitless nature and let all your experiences be part of this and nothing more.”

β€œYour duty is to raise above fear and learn how to love yourself. This is achieved by seeing yourself as the Divine Being that you are, who has the capacity of unlimited endless love beyond fear.

It’s from that point of perception that you become able to love yourself unconditionally, to treasure and honour yourself and your work.

We are one.”



After the powerful time of the Eclipses, we are coming to the 11:11 Gate, a point of alignment where we are being supported to come into resonance with the Energy of our Destiny and to activate and unfold the truest version of who we are in its highest manifestation.

That being said, we all know that even when it’s welcome, change can be confusing and even a bit scary, because it takes us out of our familiar space and into uncharted territory. Actually, that’s what sometimes ends up holding us back in our path.

Nonetheless, I believe that it’s always easier to go through change when we feel acknowledged, supported and understood, which is why it felt right to set up this session and hold the space for all of us, while we navigate these energies.



We’ll embark together on a multidimensional healing journey, guided by Angelic Presences, our Higher Selves and any other Beings of the Highest Orders of the Light who may come to join our space at this time.

During our attunement transmission we’ll channel The Orange Flame of Knowledge, The Pink-Orange Flame, which is the Bridge to the New Age and The Cosmic Ray of Clear Light, which is the manifestation of the highest frequency of the Light available to humans.

We’ll invoke the archetypal universal energies that are the Archangels Nathaniel, Chamuel, Metatron and Sandalfon, to help us activate the essence of our Destiny and organically engage with our Divine Life Path, with the intention of becoming the purest and truest expression of our Soul.

More so, our work will involve channelling Light Language sequences as part of the attunement to our Divine Purpose.

The space will also be held by the Interdimensional Energy Converter, which is a Gate of Consciousness, an experimental and experiential technology meant to increase the flow of Light in the heavier, denser dimensions and assist us in our Ascension process, individually and collectively. For those of you who haven’t met the IEC yet and wish to find out more about it, there’s more information to be found in here: https://www.namurasworld.com/the-iec



1. Opening up the space and introductions

2. Spiritual teaching focussed on the concepts that we are going to work with:

    • The Energy of Destiny and our Life Purpose and Path
    • The Angels – Universal archetipal aspects of Consciousness
    • The Sacred Rays of Light
    • Light Language
    • The make-up of the Universe – Sacred Geometry and Frequencies
    • The Interdimensional Energy Converter

3. Multidimensional Attunement Journey – Life Purpose Activation

4. Debrief

Break and snacks – 15 minutes

5. The Co-creation Mandala – Intuitive drawing

6. Channelled guidance and Light Language for further integration and conscious manifestation

7. Q&A (as much as time permits)

8. Closing down the space



It’s important to be aware that, through the work that we will be undertaking, you will (re)assume your Personal Power and your role as Divine Creator, so as you decide upon enrolling this class, please make sure that you are prepared to truly let go of what no longer serves you and fully take responsibility for your life.

At the same time, please be assured that I am fully trained, prepared and able to guide you through this process in a safe way and that the attunements which you will receive will put you in touch with your inner strengths and abilities, in a way that will allow for this process to unfold for you in a smooth and empowering way.

Thank you for your presence and looking forward to sharing this experience with you!


Blessings and much love to all!Namura x



Our session will be held in person, in the Art Room at the Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh on Saturday, 11.11.2023, starting at 1:45pm and it will last for 31/2 hours.

The venue has an accessible entrance and accessible toilet on the ground floor (level access for wheelchair users). More information on their website: https://www.salisburycentre.org/


All the necessary materials, as well as tea and a few snacks will be provided.

The session will be audio recorded and the recoding will be sent to all the participants.

Early Bird tickets available until end of October.


Feel free to bring your favourite crystal to be charged and attuned to the energies that we’ll be working with (this is not mandatory).

Make sure to dress comfortably, so that you can properly relax into the meditation.


Our activation journey is likely to involve altered states of consciousness and very powerful energy, which is why it is recommended to keep yourself clean in terms of what you eat, drink and engage prior to the session and also make sure that you hold the space for yourself, keep grounded and hydrated in the days after.



“I just attended Namura’s online zoom/ workshop “The Empowered Empath” and had one of the most powerful experiences on my spiritual journey… She is an amazing Teacher, very well built up, lots of information and an amazing meditation with Light Language channeled through… Thank you very much Namura!”


“Attending to her workshop was one of my best decisions! Not only I had a high-quality knowledge intake, I have also discovered the root of my fears! For that alone, I can’t thank you enough! I highly recommend Namura and her services! She’s there with you and for you!”


β€œI had the most amazing channelling experience with Namura. This is as close as it gets to a blissful feeling! It was very profound and powerful. Thank you Namura for a wonderful connection. You have a great gift.”


“Namura’s meditations, visualisations and channelings are what our souls crave for since they stepped into the human experience. She has a gift of helping one to get back to their state of unconditional love and I have only gratitude and awe for the work she does.”



I wholeheartedly invite you to visit and join my Facebook and Instagram pages @namurasworld, where I am holding a high vibration space of love, healing and empowerment for all those connecting to it and where I am publishing free content, with the highest intention to support people in their life journey.


For those who are interested in experiencing some of my previous group transmissions and collective channellings, there are quite a few available to watch for free my YouTube channel.


In addition to this, I am offering a range of paid services, such as Light Therapy individual sessions, Angelic Reiki, Intuitive and Channelled Guidance sessions, personalised Light Language algorithms and activation programs, Light Encoded Art and more.


More details can be found on my website https://www.namurasworld.com where you can also subscribe to my news letter, if you wish to be informed of upcoming online and in person classes. Enquiries welcome via email: contact@namurasworld.com



Disclaimer: As much as the results can be often amazing, Namura’s World’s services are not meant to replace any sort of medical treatments and therapies. At the same time, Namura’s World doesn’t assume any liability for the misuse of the services and / or information provided.

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