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Event Series Event Series: Hail The Darker Season

Hail The Darker Season

Hail The Darker Season

In partnership with “Being Human Festival”

Hail The Darker Season


Scheduled dates (See also different times)

  • 10 November 2023, 17:30 – 18:30
  • 12 November 2023, 16:00 – 17:00
  • 15 November 2023, 17:00 – 18:30

Short Summary
Hail The Darker Season is an immersive soundscape guiding you through walking relaxation experience, connection with nature, and the season.

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Full Description

Being Human Festival:

This event is part of Being Human Festival, the UK’s national festival of the humanities, taking place 9–18 November 2023. Led by the School of Advanced Study, University of London, with generous support from Research England, in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy. For further information please see beinghumanfestival.org.

The Event:

Hail The Darker Season is an immersive soundscape guiding you through a walking relaxation experience, connection with nature, and the season. It mixes modern knowledge of ritual studies, ceremony, and body awareness with the effects of sound, rhythm, and music composition on the sense of well-being. Hail The Darker Season is a guided walk in an outdoor garden where participants listen to a soundscape, composed specifically for the event, mixed with verbal guidance to release tension, to relax the body, and the mind, and to get ready for a winter season. The winter season is framed as a time offering gifts of slowing down, calming
down, resting, and recharging.

The Event Organisers:

Aino Venna is a composer, musician and performing artist widely recognised in Finland and internationally. Venna has a broad experience in cross-art work and has worked within established institutions and produced free urban culture works for unconventional locations. Aino Venna’s current work focuses on combining performance art and cognitive neuroscience latest findings. Their goal is to create immersive performances and installations that at the same time promote brain recovery and body awareness. Venna is also interested in ritual research and Finno-Ugric and Baltic Finnish mythology.


Ekaterina Shurkova, PhD, is a cognitive neuroscientist from the University of Edinburgh. Ekaterina is interested in how the mind represents the world, how it solves problems, and how it can be changed. Her research interests lie in creative problem solving and thinking about the world in terms of relations. She is also interested in the role of symbols and metaphors, as well as awareness of body states and awareness of the space around us in problem solving. In addition, Ekaterina has a private coaching practice, Symbolic Space.
Link: https://www.symbolicspace.site/

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This is an hour-long outdoor event which involves walking in a dimly lit outdoor garden. Please
dress according to the weather.

Please be on time. As the event relies on pre-composed soundscape and guiding instructions,
we won’t be able to admit latecomers. Thank you for your understanding.


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