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At the heart of the Salisbury community are the volunteers involved in the daily life of the Centre, who make the Centre the diverse, welcoming and thriving place it is!

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute to a vibrant community initiative that aims to make a difference to the environment and to build community. You will be part of a wider team of volunteers from different backgrounds. 

There are many teams and roles in which you can get involved:

For all other teams and roles below, please contact lorraine@salisburycentre.org

  • Community groups and events: Helping out to the organisation and running of various community events.
  • Meditation: Facilitating the Centre’s free, twice daily silent meditation sessions.
  • Office: Administration, bookkeeping, communications, event planning.
  • Promotion: Distributing and designing flyers and posters.
  • Library: Receiving and organising book donations, and maintaining the Centre’s library as an inspiring resource for the community.
  • DIY & Woodwork: Supporting the maintenance of the building, ranging from painting walls, woodworking, to mending broken things, depending on skills and interest.
  • Photographers & film-makers
  • Trustees 
  • Or any other ideas or ways you would like to volunteer! From painting, repairing, decorating, or mending, we would love to hear what you could contribute.

Our Volunteer Handbook has further information.

See also our Terms & Conditions.