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Importance of Meditation

Daily Meditation was one of the core values at the heart of the founding of the Salisbury Centre. It was recognised by the founders to be important not only to the development of the interior life of the people living and working here, but essential as the hub of daily life and a focus of shared commitment; practice as service.

It was envisaged that those who lived and worked at the Centre would have their own private compassion-based meditation practice that would sustain and nurture their own spiritual path and contribute to the cultivation of their interior life. It was also envisaged that alongside their private practice residents would meet twice daily to take part in a shared meditation that would be open to the general public.

It was considered important that the day would begin and end with stillness based on the principle that if we proceed from stillness we can move into action with greater mindfulness and return to stillness at the end of activity, a principle expressed in Tai Chi. It was also seen as the opportunity to re-dedicate oneself and the place.

It is with great pleasure, therefore, that the trustees have re-introduced the twice-daily drop-in meditations at the Centre, which are open to the friends of the Salisbury Centre and the general public alike. All are welcome.

About our Daily Meditation

Our daily meditation is non-denominational and accessible to all; no experience is needed.

The form is 30 minutes of silence, sometimes started with a dedication or invocation. You may sit in any way you find comfortable. A selection of chairs, cushions, stools and even blankets are provided.

Whilst our daily meditations are not guided as such, feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns before or after the meditation.

There is no need to book; just drop by when you can at either 08:00 AM Mon-Thurs or 17:30 PM on Mon and Fri or at 12:00 noon on Fridays (please check our what’s on page for the most up to date informantion).

Please arrive 5 minutes before the start time, to ensure someone can open the front door for you.

Our daily meditations are free of charge.

The noontime meditation on Fridays is followed by an optional “bring and share” lunch.

Contact the office for further information.