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Our Blog‘Winding Up the Year’ ritual for Winter Solstice

‘Winding Up the Year’ ritual for Winter Solstice

17 Dec 21

We invite you to hold your own ‘Winding up the Year’ ritual, to honour the passing of the year and welcome in the new.

To do so, you’ll need three long pieces of twine (about 1/2 metre each). Then, take a contemplative wander in nature and find a stick that ‘speaks’ to you. Tie one end of each piece of twine to one end of the stick and you’re ready!

Taking as long as you need and sitting quietly, mindfully wind each piece around the length of the stick focusing separately on the following three elements.

‘Reflection on my year – the good, the bad the sublime and the surreal’
‘Reflection on what no longer serves me and what I wish to release’
‘Welcoming in the new and setting intentions for the year to come’

You are then invited to release your reflections and intentions back to the universe, by safely setting your stick bundle alight. (We kindly suggest that you only use natural twine or string so as to be eco-friendly.)

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