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Our BlogSowing the seeds of community through the power of poetry

Sowing the seeds of community through the power of poetry

12 Apr 22

As many of you will know, storytelling and fire ceremony is an important part of our gatherings at the centre, and our recent Spring Equinox was no exception!

Under the guidance of our guest storyteller Andrea Raspolic and our resident community development worker Susannah Phillipson, we ‘cracked a story to plant a seed’ of hope with a communal piece of poetry, written collectively by all in attendance. We hope that you enjoy the beauty and inspiration of the words from this whimsical moment!


Life survives…

Even with trembling hands

believe and nurture

Hope as practice, home as living, seeds as past, present and future

All that is

Grieve and wonder

Heart is where home is

Infinite energy, hope springs eternal

Peace and love

What is lost, what is found, in our hearts, in the ground

Our collective inner insights

come full circle with us

Thankfulness, family, communication

I found my peace

In hard times, we find our strength

Fragile branches sheltering fierce crows invite us not to fight, but to take flight

Gifting a generation

Swinging high in a sycamore tree, I get lost in the wind and dream

I just want to live, to love, to be, to grow

You grow community like plants on your window sill





The twilight of the Earth

Exquisite beauty lost to us, we honour you, we love you, dear Mother Earth

My creative approach to life

Out of stagnation, the chrysalis emerges, rebirthed anew

Do I still deserve Spring, if I don’t know how to dance

I still hope I get the sun


– Salisbury Centre Spring Equinox Gathering Members, 19 March 2022

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