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Reflections of Artist in Residence Trudy

28 Nov 22

Over the five-week period between Autumn Equinox and Samhain, I had been interacting with the community of the Salisbury Centre in a different way. While leading workshops, answering questions about the ways and whys of my work, and holding spaces for people from immeasurable walks of life, I had never felt so free, challenged, and cherished. It was quite the experience, bringing me closer to the people around me and to my own inner self. Together we fueled compassion for each other, for each other’s burden and weight, each other’s journey, and each other’s space. It’s incredible how beautiful and versatile people are. And with Rumi the Centre Cat by our sides, it really felt like we were changing the world!
I feel grateful for this chance to fulfill what I think is the reason why I paint – to help people experience the wholeness of the emotion spectrum – feel it all and be in touch with it. Colour can do so much if you stop and look at it, really take it in.



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