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Apple trees and old German apple cake

30 Jun 20

by Andrew Muirhead Andrew is a Climate Champion volunteer with the Living Lighter Project. There is an apple tree behind…

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Sowing the Seeds for New Communities

24 Jun 20

by Francesco Benvenuti   As the energy of the Solstice is still flowing strong these days, the sun is shining…

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Summer Solstice Post 2 – Gratitude, dancing & yummy recipes

15 Jun 20

Olga Bloemen and Susannah Phillipson We aren’t able to celebrate the Summer Solstice together in the Salisbury Centre this year,…

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Summer Solstice Post 1 – Dancing with Drums, Sitting with Oaks  

12 Jun 20

by Francesco Benvenuti, Olga Bloemen and Susannah Phillipson   This was when the whole world measured time This is when…

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Centre Manager Job Advert

5 Jun 20

  The Salisbury Centre is looking for a dynamic individual to manage the activities and development of the Centre.  …

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Creamy Nettle, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry

29 May 20

by Susannah Phillipson   Hello Salisbury Centre community,    It’s me again, Susannah, back with another delicious recipe and some…

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Love Food Hate Waste

21 May 20

by Mika Moriyama In February, the Salisbury Centre’s Living Lighter project hosted a workshop called Love Food Hate Waste delivered…

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Wild Flower Fritters and Hogweed Shoots

15 May 20

by Susannah Phillipson Hello again!   Following on from my last blog, Spring Foraging: Three Cornered Leek, I am back…

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Beltane: bridging distance, lighting dreams

8 May 20

by Olga Bloemen Beltane was traditionally celebrated in this part of the world at the full moon closest to the…

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