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October opening women circle

Has been a while you took some time for yourself, my dear? We are here for you. Extending our ease, our calm and our peace. To hold space, to nourish, to get to know you.
We’re two  friends and long term Edinburgh residents on a mission to create a new space for women to connect to nourish and to feel.
Hanka and Ruta – brought our energies out this coming Friday afternoon at the Salisbury centre so that you, my dear would feel more comfortable with longer darker autumn hours, feel at home with your needs and your own body. October circle will be this time, my dear, circulating the need so pertinent in all all of us women to …
release and let go of all old – from memories to emotions, decisions, all the residue that no longer serves.
Come to rewire, rewind and be heard, some gentle whole body  movement, meditation and warm magic of Cacao. Allow that sparkle of inner world to shine this season.
Talk soon, with love and warmth,
Ruta and Hanka
2023.10.27, Friday
Salisbury centre
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