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Family Constellations

Each workshop has up to 10 issue-holders.  Each issue holder has a chance to work on their own issue, including setting up a constellation if appropriate (almost invariably, it is appropriate).

I start the group to establish a safe and respectful atmosphere, including agreeing to keep confidentiality.  I demonstrate ways for group members to become centred and in tune.  I then outline what ‘doing a Family Constellation’ involves.  At this point, we often do a short exercise in pairs to illustrate how to set up a representative and how to be a representative.

Then the space is open for whoever wishes to work. I work with one issue-holder at a time.  Each Family Constellation takes about an hour.  I give time to sit with the issue-holder initially, then conduct an interview asking about what is the issue or issues.  I then gather some basic facts about the family and key events.  This can be done privately if there is a particular issue of confidentiality.

Then I will suggest an initial constellation using the other members of the group as representatives.  When placed in position, representatives report changes in thoughts, emotions and sensations.  Hidden dynamics are usually revealed.  These can be clarified and movements towards a solution can be searched for, using trial and error, paying attention to the energy present, the facts and the underlying principles supporting a healthy flow of life and love.  It is most often a deeply moving and healing process not just to be in one’s own constellation but also to be a representative in others.  We usually take a break before beginning the next constellation.


There are 2 levels of participation.

  • Constellating place £198 This enables you to have your own issue constellated. There are only up to 12 constellating places available in each workshop so payment in advance is needed to secure a place. Those who book earlier have priority to work first over those who book later but all of the first 10 issue-holders are guaranteed an opportunity to have their own issue constellated
  • Representative-only place £132 This means you are a representative in others constellations. Many find this is in itself a very rewarding experience.


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