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Equity & Diversity

3 Feb 22

“Equality is ensuring everyone has a pair of shoes, equity is ensuring that everyone has a pair of shoes that fit.”

Here at the Salisbury Centre, we are committed to operating in a friendly and non-discriminatory manner whereby all of our staff, residents, trustees, partners, volunteers, room hirers, users, visitors, donors and supporters are treated with respect.

We are fully committed to creating opportunities for access and participation for members of diverse communities.

We recognise that marginalised communities face multiple, intersecting inequalities based on race, ethnicity, class, nationality, disability, neurodiversity, socio-economic background, social class, gender identity, sexual orientation, body shape, health conditions, religion and beliefs, faith, pregnancy and maternity, marriage and civil partnership, language, caring responsibilities, education and age and that these create barriers to fully participate in many aspects of life. We further recognize that minority groups have long-experienced discrimination— whether it be overtly, systematically or as micro aggressions, or unconscious biases. We strive to be a place to welcome and foster education and dialogue about this, to bridge difference and conflict.

As such, the ethos of the Salisbury Centre is grounded in an intersectional equity framework (which includes and goes beyond the areas protected from discrimination under the Equality Act 2010).

Our aspiration is for all communities to benefit from the Centre and know that they have a place to share their offerings that also serve their needs. We welcome all individuals equally so that every person shares a sense of inclusion and belonging in this organisation. We expect all Centre users, volunteers, staff, residents, room hirers to also do the same, in alignment with the Centre’s ethos.

While we strive to be an accessible space for all community members, only the ground floor of our building is accessible for wheelchair users. Unfortunately the garden is currently not.  We are proactively seeking out further opportunities to improve the accessibility of our building and activities, and in 2021 we formed an Equality Diversity & Inclusion working group.

Our Equity & Diversity policy can be found in PDF form here.

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