The Salisbury Centre
2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB      0131 667 5438

The rooms at the Salisbury Centre are used for courses, events, study and meditation.  We welcome people who would like to use the space, both garden and rooms.

The Studio (20.5ft x 27ft)

The studio is a spacious, light filled room, overlooking the garden and is suitable for classes such as Tai chi or Yoga, as well as events and parties for up to forty people. It has windows on either side of the room, and there is a platform/small stage in the bay window. It is often  used by meditation groups as a teaching space.

Access is by a single flight of stairs.

The walls are painted white, the ceiling is a mottled blue and white, the floor is sanded, and there is adjustable lighting, all making for a serene and peaceful place.  

 We have a supply of yoga mats, and meditation cushions, stools and zafus. In addition there is a large  carpet which can be rolled out to give the room a cosy feel.  There is also a sink with hot and cold water in one corner, and a plentiful supply of chairs.

Studio 2

The Library (18.9ft x 15.8ft)

This is a welcoming room located on the ground floor, with walls lined with books belonging to the extensive Salisbury Centre library. Visitors are welcome to borrow books, with a request to return them when they have finished with them.

Seating consists of a round table with five chairs, and a bay window  edged by  window seats overlooking the garden.  It is a sunny, attractive room with a sanded floor and is lit by standard lamps and ceiling lights.

The room is often used for meetings, and groups, and will take fifteen people.


The Garden Room (9.0ft x 11.4ft)

This small peaceful room on the ground floor overlooks the back garden, and  is used by small groups, or by individuals for one-to-one sessions.

Garden room

One-to-one work in the Garden Room

We would like to welcome inquiries from people who might be interested in using the Garden Room for one-to-one work such as massage or other body work, and psychotherapy. Up to now our emphasis has been on supporting group work at the Salisbury Centre, so this marks a change in focus.

We expect all practitioners at the Salisbury Centre to have an active spiritual practice which is integrated into their work. At present we would expect our practitioners to be trained and accredited, and be able to demonstrate membership of a professional body with a code of ethics, as well as having an indemnity insurance.

For more information about rates and conditions please contact Renate our administrator.

The Wellspring Room (11ft x 16.4ft)

This is situated on the ground floor, with a window to the front garden. 

Like the other rooms in the building it is painted white, carpeted, and has a quiet and serene feel to it. 

It can accommodate up to ten people and is used as a meditation space or a group/meeting room.


The Kitchen

This is located on the ground floor and is a reasonably equipped kitchen with gas stove, fridge, microwave oven and work space.

We have a good supply of mugs and glasses, and some plates and bowls as well as some pans and cooking equipment.

Persons attending classes, visitors and Friends are welcome to use the space. Tea and coffee is available on a donation basis. Shared use of the kitchen is included in any room hire.


Room Hire Rates

        Studio Library Garden Room Wellspring Room
        Peak Off-peak* Peak Off-peak* Peak Off-peak* Peak Off-peak*
    1 hour £20.00 £20.00 £15.00 £15.00 £10.00 £10.00 £15.00 £12.00
    2 hours £40.00 £30.00 £30.00 £25.00 £20.00 £16.00 £25.00 £20.00
    3 hours £60.00 £45.00 £45.00 £35.00 £30.00 £23.00 £35.00 £28.00
    4 hours £70.00 £55.00 £55.00 £45.0 £35.00 £30.00 £40.00 £36.00
    5 hours £90.00 £70.00 £70.00 £55.00 £45.00 £37.00 £50.00 £42.00
    6 hours £110.00 £85.00 £85.00 £70.00 £55.00 £44.00 £60.00 £50.00
    7 hours £120.00 £100.00 £95.00 £80.00 £65.00 £50.00 £70.00 £60.00
    8 hours £130.00 £115.00 £105.00 £85.00 £70.00 £55.00 £75.00 £65.00
    9 hours £145.00 £130.00 £115.00 £95.00 £80.00 £65.00 £85.00 £75.00
    10 hours £160.00 £145.00 £125.00 £105.00 £90.00 £75.00 £95.00 £85.00
    11 hours £170.00 £155.00 £135.00 £115.00 £95.00 £80.00 £100.00 £90.00
    12 hours £175.00 £160.00 £140.00 £120.00 £100.00 £90.00 £105.00 £95.00
        Studio + Library + Garden Room   *Off-peak defined:
        Peak Off-peak*   Applies to Weekdays (Mon-Fri) only,
    4 hours £130.00 £105.00   for bookings where at least the first 4 hrs fall before 5pm.
    8 hours £230.00 £190.00   (Shorter bookings must fall before 5pm entirely.)
    12 hours £300.00 £250.00   NO off-peak rates applicable over weekends.
2 consecutive days:                
    2 X 4 hours £240.00 £200.00            
    2 X 8 hours £400.00 £330.00            
    2 X 12 hours £450.00 £380.00            

All room bookings include shared use of the communal kitchen and garden.

A 50% deposit will be charged on most bookings. Cancellation charges apply.

The Property

This beautiful building at 2 Salisbury Road with its large walled garden to the rear has a fascinating history:

1806 First owned by the then recently married William Blackwood, founder of the Blackwood Publishing House and of Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine. He and his wife raised their nine children here before moving to the then very new "New Town" in 1830.

William Blackwood died in 1834. When owned by him the house was visited by many of the publishing firm's literary clients and friends including Sir Walter Scott, Thomas de Quincey and James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd.

1846 Ownership passed to William Blackwood's son Robert, who, along with his brother, was a partner in the Blackwood business after their father's death. Robert Blackwood died in 1852.

1852 Ownership passed to William Blackwood II who had joined the firm in 1848 after service in the East India Company.

1857 Property was sold to Lieutenant Colonel John Sheffield Gilbert Riley.

1867 Property was sold to Sir Wilfred Lawson.

1901 Property was sold to Mrs Jane Binning Usher and Burn-Murdoch of the famous Usher brewing family.

1927 Property passed to William Gordon Burn-Murdoch, husband of the late Jane Binning Usher, and a Scottish artist, Antarctic explorer, geographer, traveller, whaler, bagpiper and writer.

1940 Property briefly passed to James Archibald Henry Burn-Murdoch, brother of the above and sold in the same year to Edwin John Pryce.

1952 Property sold to Miss Dorothea Douglas to become Makerstoun Lodge School for girls.

1962 Property sold to the Trustees of the Davidson Clinic which at that time was based in the premises nearby now occupied by the Gold Medal public house. Here the first seed of connection to the Salisbury Centre was sown in the figure of Dr Winifred Rushforth who founded the Davidson Clinic, an outpatient psychiatric clinic, and who was hugely instrumental in raising the funds to purchase 2 Salisbury Road in 1972 for £18,000.

1972 Property sold to the Trustees of the Salisbury Trust.