The Salisbury Centre
2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB      0131 667 5438

The Garden As A Resource

To have such a valuable resource within the city is a blessing and one which the Salisbury Centre wishes to share with all who visit.  For example, there are opportunities for volunteers to help maintain and develop the garden; the fire pit is used for events such as solstice celebrations; in good weather classes such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung  use the lawn area;  an ideal place to practise walking meditation; a summer  lunch  shared outside with garden volunteers or residents; or just a place to sit and be quiet.

It is hoped that other opportunities and activities will be developed that will maximise the garden's potential, and which will be in accordance with the Centre's Mission Statement.

Volunteers are now meeting to work in the garden on Friday afternoon between 2-6 pm and anyone interested can come along. 

The Garden is also available for use by any class or workshop and is included in the rental hire of any of the rooms. For anybody wishing to have exclusive use of the Garden for a particular event  a rental charge will apply.    

The library downstairs overlooks a seating area and on into the garden itself, giving the room an almost magical quality, while the garden room is a smaller space with a quiet leafy presence which is calm and peaceful.

A long white wall provides privacy to  the front garden  where there is a gravel path, bicycle stands, shrubs and flowers, and at one end a secluded sitting space.

Walking out into the back garden through the rustic porch the quality of its  presence becomes evident. A generosity, an uncluttered space, full of greenery and life; huge trees, a large lawn; a pond carefully landscaped into the garden with curves and gentle paving, allowing space for a table and chairs.

Continuing down through a privet archway into the space beyond, one discovers raised beds, fruit bushes, and  a pergola in the centre of a circle of flowerbeds  of roses, lavender, oregano, and rosemary, and in the autumn the lovely Japanese anemones, and yellow daisies.

There are fruit trees and a circle of seats around a fire pit, which is used over and over again for celebrations and rituals that honour the passing of time and seasons, while  in a secluded corner there is a small covered seating area.

This is also  a working garden as well as place of rest and resource with a greenhouse and two beehives  sited by the hedge.