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Our Rooms

The rooms at the Salisbury Centre are used for courses, events, study and meditation.  Some events are run by the Centre and some events are run by partners hiring rooms. We welcome you to look at the information about all our spaces and invite you to get in touch with office@salisburycentre.org for more information.

Following the ongoing relaxation of lockdown restrictions, the centre is currently available for booking for the garden and for certain types of indoor events. Please refer to our Safe Access Guidelines for Bookers and Safe Access Guidelines for Attendees.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions for general information about use of our premises. Please note that there is no alcohol permitted on the centre’s premises.

The centre has an accessible entrance and accessible toilet on the ground floor. We are continuing to improve the accessibility of the building and will add more detailed information about accessibility of individual rooms when this is available.



Art Room

Wellspring Room

Garden Room