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Your Voice Is a Miracle – vocal workshop & singing bowls with Sujatha Réa

Your Voice Is a Miracle – vocal workshop & singing bowls with Sujatha Réa.  Sunday 16th April 2.30pm till 5pm.

Build healthy foundations for discovering your authentic, powerful voice with respect for your body and feelings on your voice discovery journey.

To take the first steps towards building a healthy foundation for releasing your unique, natural voice, we will be gently experimenting with vocal exercises in safe, heart-centered space  which will be accompanied by singing crystal bowls, sound healing and mantras as the most transformative and healing form of voice expression.

What to expect:

1. Singing bowl sound bath

2. Intention setting

3. Body preparation – releasing tensions, gentle exercises

4. Breathing session and meditation

5. Vocal warm-ups

6. Mantra – singing in harmonies

7. Individual feedbacks and loving guidance

Voice is like an inner child and it needs to be taken care of in this way – allowing it for free, safe expression, we will open opportunity for healing process and releasing of emotions, which will slowly, step by step lead to allowing your authentic, true sound shine its natural, unique beauty.

By respecting and listening to your body and feelings, allowing yourself for child-like experimenting, being true you in your own expression and connecting with others through singing from the most authentic place, we will be freely experimenting and discovering our voices in a heart-centred, safe, positive and fun space, slowly taking our first steps to build a solid foundation towards opening and discovering your healthy, authentic, most powerful voice.

“Your voice is a miracle” workshop is for anyone, no previous singing experience required.

Sujatha Réa is an ethnic-spiritual singer of Polish origin, currently living in the UK and travelling to many countries in and outside Europe, to share with others the joy and love that singing brings into her life. She performed at multiple festivals and concerts around the world. After having collaborated for years with several artists on many projects, she released her own album “ The Secret Dialect” in duo with Przemek Pogocki, as well as the single “Nature Boy”.

You can find more information under the following links:



or write directly at: connect@sujatharea.com

What to bring:

A yoga mat, a bottle of water, optionally pen and paper. Dress comfortably / casually.

Refund policy:

No refunds, but each case will be assessed individually, so please contact us if needed.

In case of event cancellation by organizer, full refund will be provided.

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