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Yoga, Cacao and Family Constellations

Come Join us for a day of Yoga, Cacao and Family Constellations on the 21st of January, 11am – 4pm
This event is suitable for everyone, no experience necessary.
What your ticket includes!
🌸 Guided Meditation
🌸 Yoga for beginners
🌸 A Cacao Ceremony
🌸 Become a representative in a Family Constellation session
🌸 Snacks and Sharing
What you need to bring on the day
🌸 A bottle of water
🌸 Something for the altar
🌸 Fruit, Snacks or Food to share
Mama Cacao helps open our hearts and connects us to our center. Her magic allows us to speak from the heart space.
Yoga helps us to be truly present in our bodys and realigns our chakras allowing the energy to flow through them with ease.
As a representative in the Constellation, you will be stepping into another attendees ancestral energy field, to assist with there journey. This will bring a big energy shift and heal any simular stories and patterns you share within your own system. Often when you are repping, you will see how simular situations have effected your own life and it will give you a better understanding and bring clarity to your situations.
Family Constellations is also an amazing way to develop and work with your intuition. It allows you to open up and let go whilst seeing your truth in a safe space.
For more information on Cacao, yoga or Family Constellations you can direct message me on Facebook or Instagram, or email me at: Conni3@hotmail.co.uk
£48 per person
Tickets can be purchased via PayPal using the link below