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Workshop and Book Signing Reset to Thrive

Workshop and Book Signing Reset to Thrive

Breaking Free from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and similar Symptoms of Long Covid.

This course is for anyone with chronic fatigue syndrome or have symptoms of Long Covid that are not due to permanent damage, such as exhaustion, overarousal of the heart, muscles, pain, brain fog and malaise. It is also really useful for anyone who feels they are just surviving, not thriving.

In 2003 I crashed with M.E/CFS and was bedridden, unable to move. Thankfully, I had been a lecturer in Health and Social Care and knew my body had been put into protection mode for safety, after years of viruses, overload and unresonable living. When I recovered, I went on to help others recover – many of the courses ran from the Salisbury Centre. I then went on to set up my own programme called Reset training ( to reset the system). I have now written a book to spread the word, contrary to NICE Guidelines and medical opinion. That you can recover from CFS and from Long Covid. Thousands of people do! If you are excited about the prospect of recovery then please come and join the workshop. I will explain what is happening to the body, how shut down is the ultimate safety device and how Exhaustion ( ultimately withering) is the final stage of how our bodies try to adapt when conditions don’t improve. and show you what you can do to counteract the over protective system causing your symptoms and to reactivate THRIVE mode.. Includes exercises in breathing and meditation.

Are you just surviving

If you don’t have CFS or Long Covid but are aware that you are pushing through, just keeping going and your body is sending signs that something has to change. In General Adaptive Syndrome, this is called the Resistance stage, when things aren’t right but we are propelled by a life force to keep going, even when things are tough or aren’t working. At this stage the body starts to develop “dis-ease”; rashes, skin conditions, gut problems, susceptibility to viruses, inappropriate over reaction to viruses, to chemicals and food, fluctuating blood sugar levels and heart beat, shallow breathing. If this is you, come join the workshop and learn to live as nature intended.
My book will be available to purchase and will be signed for you. ( Cash is easier as I don’t have contactless)

Contact Jan on janetrothney@icloud.com to book a place.