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Women’s Cacao & Rose Ceremony

Women’s Cacao & Rose Ceremony
Saturday 17th of September

In this cacao & rose ceremony, we will connect with our hearts and align with our own purpose and truth. A dedicated time for self-care, self-reflection, intention setting and calling forth balance.

We come together in this held space for women to connect with our bodies through practices that will nourish our whole being and allow us to soften into a deep rest.

The rose is a heart opener and carries one of the highest vibrations known in nature’s plant kingdom. Especially helpful for soothing the heart, supporting the process of letting go and working through emotions and trauma.

-Intention setting with ethically sourced copal and rose
-Ceremonial cacao with organic rose tea
-Breathwork practices
-Restorative yoga, somatic and intuitive movement
-Energy clearing with rose water and insence
-Anointing with high quality organic bulgarian rose essential oil
-Guided sound journey and meditation


Exchange: £30-£25(concession)

For bookings:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/womens-cacao-rose-ceremony-tickets-414195859967

Other ways to book: Paypal or bank transfer

Please send an email(marianna.doneva@gmail.com) or pm me with your details to book and receive additional information.