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Wesak Gong Bath International Event

We are very excited to invite you to be part of the Wesak Moon Gong Bath hosted by Expand your vibration (Ana) & One Man Dancing (Agustin).
On May ́s full moon more than 500 therapists and practitioners in 20 countries will be hosting Gong Baths to celebrate the Wesak Moon, also known as Vesak or Buddha Day.
Millions of people who follow the teachings of peace, love and compassion from Buddha recognise this day as his birth (623 BC), his enlightenment and his transition to eternity.
For that reason, the tribe of -El camino del Gong- by Vikrampal, have decided to play the Gongs in different locations around the planet, to contribute with the same vibration to Buddha ́s message.
See you there!

Exchange £ 22
Bookings at an.dunetz@gmail.com

(extra fee)

• Yoga Mat, blankets & cushions are provided, but you can always bring your own
• Wear comfy clothes
• Bring an eye mask if you wish
• Bring a note pad and pen in case you wish to journal any insights during the Gong Bath
• Drink water after the session

IMPORTANT: Sound Healing is safe and beneficial for most people; however, is not suitable if
you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, have steel rods in the body, a pacemaker or suffer from
Tinnitus, Ménière’s disease or Epilepsy.
Places limited to a maximum number of 15, therefore booking essential.