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Waken Connect Transform, Ecstatic Dance Event

Waken Connect Transform,  Ecstatic Dance Event (Saturday 18th February  2023, 6.00pm-9.00pm)
Welcome to our first Ecstatic Dance event!
Come and celebrate you, your expression, your dance – exactly as you are.


  • be present. No phones. No cameras.

  • be embodied. No talking.

  • be clear. No Intoxicants.

  • be consensual. Listen for a yes. Respect a no.

  • be here. No outside shoes.

  • be free. Dance how you want. No judgement.

When we step on the dance floor, we include our whole selves, even the frightened parts that want to hide

To book click here

Cost of participation – £22.00 (incl. booking fee)