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Venus & Mars Full Moon Activation For Men & Women

Come & be held in a Full Moon breathe – this is a wonderful opportunity to explore- via the breath- the sacred marriage within & without.

About this event

The February Full Moon is a powerful time for the union of the masculine and feminine within and in relationship. With the Moon in the Kingly sign of Leo, the Sun is in late Aquarius the Water Bearer while Venus & Mars the cosmic lovers embrace in an exact conjunction in Capricorn.

You do not have to know anything about astrology, you can trust that the cosmic energy available at this time is supportive and facilitating of union between masculine and feminine whether that be the sacred marriage within or illuminating your relationship dynamics and relationship patterns.

We will journey into the inner worlds through the portal of the breath in a loving and gentle breathe. The technique is remarkably simple, it is connected breathing, in and out without pause to create a flow of breath that leads you deep into your inner experience and offers the possibility for release.

I am a trained rebrither, moon lodge facilitator, and shamanic practitioner who is delighted to offer facilitation of Full Moon mixed circles in Sun & Moon Lodge.

This is a profound but very gentle and loving experience in which you are invited to just be. You are not required to share or participate beyond the breath session and even then you tune into your own pace.

This is a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the powerful lunar energy and the cosmic dance of the moment.

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