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TreeSisters Grove

We warmly welcome you to join us at our monthly TreeSisters Grove. It is an invitation to gather in circle with other TreeSisters to explore Sisterhood, feminine Nature based leadership and the care and restoration of our natural world.


TreeSisters Grove details:


When: every 2nd Saturday from 15:00 to 17:00

How to attend: please email Robyn at robyntheobald27@gmail.com

Space: Garden, at the fire pit (when weather allows), Art Room or Library

Accessibility: Art Room is located on the ground floor and it is fully accessible. The Salisbury Centre’s kitchen door and toilet are now wheelchair accessible. The Garden can also be accessed by wheelchairs via a movable ramp via the Art Room Annex

Suggested donations: £5-£10 (donations to the facilitators will go straight back to TreeSisters excluding the cost of materials)


Upcoming dates:

  • Sat 9th September
  • Sat 14th October (changed to the 7th of October)
  • Sat 11th November
  • Sat 9th December
  • Sat 13th January
  • Sat 10th February


What’s the TreeSisters Grove about:


TreeSisters Groves are Nature based, local and online women’s circles taking action for the trees. It is a global women’s network operating through feminine principles and looking to build a feeling of sisterhood. Feminine Nature Based Leadership is the quality of creativity and authority that moves through a woman when she is connected to Nature as the root of her own nature.

This is an invitation to all women for increased feminine leadership and recognition of the vast untapped potential of women’s gifts, wisdom, intelligence, proactivity and courage. The gifts of women are a crucial missing piece in the puzzle of what we need now in our world to bring it back into balance.

TreeSisters is a UK-registered social change and reforestation charity that places tropical forest restoration into everyone’s hands. They fund ethical, community-led planting projects that empower women and support local and indigenous communities. Together so far, they funded over 27 million trees across multiple locations, including Brazil, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Borneo, Kenya, Cameroon, West Papua, Nepal, Mozambique and Madagascar.

More information about the global TreeSisters movement: https://www.treesisters.org/




Robyn Theobald: https://www.robyntheobald.co.uk/


About donations: 


Participation in our community-led events is often on a voluntary ‘by donation’ basis. This means that nobody is expected to make a payment if they cannot afford to do so. However, any donations received will be shared between the Centre and the facilitator, helping to make the events’ programme sustainable as well as to provide some reciprocity towards community facilitators’ time and skills offered.

Where a “suggested donation” is listed, this is just an indication of what the event might cost if it was ticketed – it is fine to donate less (or nothing at all). Donating is one way to show your appreciation for the value of the Salisbury Centre. Please consider ‘paying it forward’ by donating a bit extra if you can afford, helping to keep it possible for everyone to take part, regardless of their circumstances.


To donate:  

  • bring cash on the day, or  
  • donate online on  www.salisburycentre.org/donate  (using “TreeSisters” as REFERENCE).  
  • pay with card at the front door, please add a reference (eg. TreeSisters) using the pen icon top right on the pay-point screen 


This is an invitation to practice ‘Dana’ (generosity) – please pay only what you can afford to attend. If you cannot afford the event, please get in touch with the facilitator to request a free/discounted place.