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How can our relationships flourish?

Hey there beautiful Empaths,

This event welcomes anyone who resonates with being an empath, and struggles on a regular basis with the consequences of this natural state of being.

If you get empathy fatigue, if it pains you to hear other people’s suffering, and if you often feel the need to fix others’ problems, then you need to come to this event.

On Thursday the 27th at 6.45pm I will be creating a safe, compassionate space for empaths to share their inner struggles, with the focus being on the relationship with self and others. This will be followed by a generative trance hypnotherapy session whereby you can come back home to inner stillness and your divine inner wisdom for creative solutions to your obstacles.

We will end the evening with a gentle open discussion to see how we can approach the relationships and connections in our life with more compassion, starting with the relationship to ourselves.

If you have any questions about the event, please email me at hannahdolmacoaching@gmail.com

Tickets are £3 each, and can be purchased through the following link:


Until then, take care, dear empaths.

Hannah Dolma


Wellspring Room