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“Breathe Your True Self “ A Blessed Breath Ceremony & experience – Breathe out the old , Breathe In the New ( 09:45 – 11:15 )

**Event part of the Salisbury Centre 50th Anniversary Celebration Celebration week June 19-25 (read more below) ***


Join highly experienced  Breathwork facilitator Anne-Marie Birch for a  transformational morning Breath session dedicated to clearing the old , making space for the new and a  dropping into a renewed sense of presence and dedication to yourSself and the Salisbury Centre.



9:45 – 11:15 – Salisbury Centre Studio (** Not Wheelchair accessible)

Booking Required – (Max 12 Participants)


Saturday 24th theme for the Salisbury Centre celebration week is “Celebrating the Present”!  This morning breathwork session will focus on using the breath to welcome in a sense of celebration for  the day, as well as to clear any residual energetic from the old that we are not seeking to carry into the present and the future of the Salisbury Centre community.

Our breath is our connection to life- life is breath- and when we breathe consciously, we can only live with more awareness and consciousness. Conscious breathing is key, especially living now with all the challenges we are experiencing. It is key to continuous growth and wellbeing and true freedom can truly happen when we can fully breathe and consciously respond to each moment.


What is Transformational Breath ®?

Transformational Breath is an empowering form of conscious, connected breathing to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  This form of breath work, which was co-developed by Dr Judith Kravitz, is safe and easy to learn and practice. In a facilitated session, the technique also employs gentle body mapping (similar to acupressure), movement and sound. Transformational Breath ® ultimately aims to reconnect you to your innate sense of joy, peace and well being by identifying and clearing suppressed or repressed negative emotions held in the body.

Breath work has been at the heart of eastern healing and meditative practices for centuries but, in the past few decades, the health and life-enhancing benefits of the breath have increasingly been acknowledged in the west. Our breath affects the function of every cell in our bodies, so if we restrict our breath we restrict how we live.



About Anne-Marie Birch

Anne-Marie Birch is an Edinburgh-based Transformational Breath® facilitator and trainer, massage therapist, Reiki Master and CranioSacral Therapy practitioner.

I facilitated Transformational Breath ® for over 16 years and was a Senior Trainer for four years. I have attended many Global Inspiration Conferences around the world, and I am continuously practising and learning new breath experiences! I have recently been guided to offer my own blend of conscious, connected, integrative breath sessions- bringing all that I have learned and experienced.  This means I can organically offer sessions to facilitate and respond to your intention based on our moment-by-moment experience.

“YourTrueSself” breathwork  is my vision for all to know, embody and express their true self.   Since my teenage years I have been on a healing journey, reclaiming wellbeing and joy. I am passionate about facilitating and empowering the innate wellbeing, freedom and joy within all.

I have always been interested in the mind, body, spirit connection and I am extremely fortunate and grateful that my major interest has also become my work. Initially, it was my own experience of illness and recovery that really catalysed my interest and, while I was living in America, I decided to start learning Reiki and, at the same time, experience many other kinds of treatment. On my return to Edinburgh in 2003 I began training in Swedish Massage, Sports and Remedial Massage, On-Site Massage and CranioSacral Therapy, and I am also now a Reiki Master.  In 2006, I became the first Transformational Breath ® facilitator in Scotland and I am now a UK Trainer.

While everything I have studied and experienced has influenced my approach and style as a therapist, Transformational Breath ® has been life-changing. The positive results the practice has given me and my clients has led to it being an increasingly important part of my work and focus: encouraging people to empower themselves. Now, I am convinced that taking a holistic approach to supporting people’s natural healing mechanisms gets the best results. The wellbeing experience or combination of experiences, offered in a session may vary, but my intention is always to facilitate clients to heal, reconnect to their inner power and knowing, and experience the innate healthy, peaceful and loving state that is their True Self.”

Read more about Anne-Marie work and Breathwork here 


This event is by suggested donation which will go to support the Salisbury Centre.

Suggested donation : £10-£20 (nobody will be turned away for lack of funding)

You can donate online via www.Salisburycentre.org/donate (using “Breathworks) as reference, or by cash and card on the day

Salisbury Centre 50th Celebration Week June 19th-25th 

(Read more here : 50th Anniversary Programme & June Celebration!)

This events is part of the the 50th anniversary celebration of the Salisbury Centre!

Standing as one of the oldest holistic centres in Edinburgh, this currently thriving community Centre was founded with a robust spiritual community focus, which over time has expanded to embrace a strong foundation of inclusivity, as well as creative, psychological, and ecological wellbeing, making it a resilient and much loved community space in the heart of Edinburgh!

To celebrate the occasion we have been running a 6 month 50th anniversary theme programme of events which will culminate in this celebration week in June (19th – 25th). 

You can download a brochure which offers some context about the Centre’s history and its founding pillars HERE (https://shorturl.at/bix05 )

Expect gatherings of old friends and new, workshops, movie screenings, discussion panels, shared meals, ceremony, visioning & networking for the future. Come and learn how challenges were transformed to create new foundations to grow from. The programme has draws from the incredible richness of all people who have contributed, over 5 decades, to the evolution and resilience of this special Centre.