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Trans Rights for Trans People

Know Your Street Rights – Trans Rights for Trans People

Wednesday 2nd November 11:00-13:00 (drop-in)

We’re Street Law, a group of Edinburgh University students running free presentations on a variety of legal topics.

This session is a safe space for Trans people to learn about their legal rights in Scotland, with specific focus provided on housing, employment and equality rights.

This session will include various interactive activities such as debunking of myths, an evaluation of ideas on transgender rights before and after the session, mock scenarios, a quiz and a thought experiment (‘in an ideal world’) all with an aim to put the information given into practice.

There also will be post-it-notes provided for participants to provide their thoughts along with printed versions of the slides for convenience.

For more information please email: chloe@salisburycentre.org

This session will take place on the ground floor and will be wheelchair accessible.

We have an accessible toilet and all our toilets are all gender.

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