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Toltec Cosmovision & Fire Ceremony (a 50th Anniversary Blessing)

Toltec Cosmovision, Friday 12th May at 7pm

To shift our collective reality, we must first shift our perceptions of reality.

Come and listen to how ancestral wisdom can help to transform the human psyche through the ancient practices of Toltec Cosmovision.

This is a unique opportunity to spend the evening in the company of Miguel Chavez, a Mexica Toltecan Nahual, who is visiting Scotland, from Mexico, for the first time. Miguel is from the Sierra of Guadalupe, born by the mountain of Ehactl, the mountain of the wind.

From the age of 4, he has been immersed in the traditions of the Nahui Ollin Teotl (the movements of the 4 elements), making him the highest grade of Toltecayotl Nahula, a man of knowledge.

The evening will begin with a traditional fire ceremony, in the garden, to bless the 50th anniversary of the Salisbury Centre.



Doors open at 6.30pm and the ceremony will start at 7pm. There will be a short break before the talk starts, so if you can’t
make it for the ceremony, you are welcome to join us at 7.45pm for the talk.

Suggested Donation 
This is a community event, in collaboration with the Salisbury Centre and suggested donations are between £5 and £15.

If you can please donate before attending. Donate Online via: www.Salisburycentre.org/donate (and use reference “Toltec”)


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    To book your place, please email Katherine at krcrawley@hotmail.com.
    Drop-ins are also welcome.


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