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The Co-Creation LABs – Opening Session

Do you believe that Art, Music and Creativity can change the World, or at least contribute to touching and nurturing the Heart in a time when physical touch, and emotional support is less easily available?

Do you believe that your art or talents, might that be music, dance, poetry, painting, writing or any other novel artistic disciplines. (i.e. AI,  Digital Medias, Technological tools etc)  could help kindle the inner fire of people who are going through difficult times, as well as ignite a new passion for life and to a commitment to take actions toward a better World.

The Co-Creation LABs are session aimed at cross-pollinating ideas between artists and creators of all kind in this time of COVID and isolation.

  • Have you written some lyrics or poetry that you would like help transform into a musical piece?
  • Or have you produced either a song or a piece of music that you would like help in producing a music video for, but you do not have the skills to do so?
  • Or… you have got some skills and artistic talents that you would like to share with the world but you do not know how?
  • Maybe you are a painter or illustrator who would like to be inspired by some radical poetry or writing…
  • Do you gain motivation when witnessed or when creating with someone else?

These open sessions invite creators, community members, visionaries, artists, musicians, poets, pioneers for the new World from all walks of like to gather together and share some of their work with a primary intention:

  • To co-create inspiring art beyond the old paradigm of singular authorship, often too focussed on monetary gain or gaining success(e.g Likes)
  • To Celebrate and support each-other in developing their creativity and talents
  • To nurture Active Hope in the world
  • To tap into Collective Wisdom on how to best use art for a so much needed ReLove-ution
  • To inspire fellow humans and society at large to reclaim their artistic, well-being and spiritual sovereignty
  • To feel empowered through sharing their gifts with the world
  • To feel a sense of belonging to an “undebatable” truth rooted in the unhindered expression of one’s Heart


This session will offer a preliminary space to see “who’s around” and “who is resonating with who“. There are no expectations, just a willingness to show up, listen and share your ideas and dreams for creative and artistic collaboration.  We will have some time to brainstorm and to see what “lands” and what are the main themes arising in the group.

This will inform the nature and focus of these birthing Co-creation LABs


What I mostly care about is for this space to be an open hearted space where the primary focus is  NOT on “YOU” but on a broader sense of “Collectivity” and “Shared Aim” for a better world, rooted in a core willingness to share from the Heart (or gain confidence and skills to do so).


As an example:  I have produced this song throughout Lockdown, called “A Conscious Manifesto”  and I would love to co-create with somebody to help me improve it by putting some drums on it (I am not a good drummer), as well as possibly creating a video.

You can listen here (as it also contains some of the spirit and ethos that I would like this space to emanate):

To express interest and receive a Zoom link email: FrancescoBenvenuti.ed@gmail.com

This event is FREE and anyone from any ethnicity , religion and background is welcome to attend.

Time to reclaim the Arts.. of living

A life full of life

Full of the secrets which exist only for the purpose of being longed

by you seeking creators.

As the beauty is hidden in the journey of the paintbrush

not in the solidified ink strokes.

No point to make, only to live and enjoy

Trusting in the thread leading us to the points on paper 

which when unite

creates Spirit

…and foster Hope