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Summer Yin and Nidra

A nourishing mini retreat aligned to the season of Summer, a time of year with more daylight, sunshine and warmth.
Where ever your energy is at this workshop will help bring you back into balance in body, mind and spirit.
According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the season of summer is associated with the element of Fire and the organs of the heart and small intestine.
So we will begin by easing into yin postures  tailored to the heart and small intestine meridians (energy lines).
When heart chi is healthy, we feel warm, nourished, and nourishing, able to contact innate joy, inner peace, and harmony, and able to build healthy relationships.” – Sarah Powers
Followed by a soothing and calming yoga Nidra with a summer theme  to promote deep relaxation, healing and peace.
⁣A mat, bolster (although you may prefer to bring your own bolster if you have one) and blocks will be provided. A small pillow, your favorite blanket and perhaps an eye pillow are suggested to bring from home as these will provide a deeper relaxation for this practice. ⁣
Students of all backgrounds & physical abilities are welcome, no prior yoga or meditation experience necessary.
Investment: £25
Soul Therapy members £22