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Event Series Event Series: The Spring Series – Community Programme!

The Spring Series – Community Programme!

After the long winter, spring is peeping out of the ground – and so are we!!! 

Read on to find out more exciting news about :

  1. The Salisbury Centre EQUINOX Communtiy Celebration weekend (Online)
  2. The Launch of the new “Springing back into Community”  event programme!


Bookings & Donations

Register on Eventbrite (follow the links below) to receive the joining links for the sessions of your choice. All events are free to attend but a minimum donation is recommended as a way to reciprocate and support our community facilitators and the Salisbury Centre. Yet, for whoever cannot afford to do so, there is an option to register for free

You can also donate via our website on: www.SalisburyCentre.org/Donate

And please specify what events you are donating for.




Celebrate the Spring Equinox by taking part in one of these interactive online workshops!

Please note: You need to get separate tickets for each workshop you wish to attend. These are free or by donation.

In response to the current lockdown we are taking this year’s community Spring Equinox celebration online with these workshops, led by members of the Salisbury Centre community.

At the Spring Equinox we welcome the arrival of Spring and longer and lighter days. A time to celebrate seeds and shoots, creativity and life’s ability to re-generate! On Saturday 20th March the Earth’s axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun, and the length of day and night is almost equal across the world, in a brief moment of balance.

We welcome donations for these workshops, which will be shared between the Centre and the facilitators.

Saturday 20th March ( 16:00 to 17:00)


Hosted by Earth Holders Edinburgh

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While our Climate Challenge Fund project – Living Lighter – draws to a close, our community’s commitment to ecological sustainability and caring for the earth continues. We’re delighted to join with the Earth Holders to mark this transition, coinciding with the turning of the seasons. The Earth Holders will hold a virtual ceremony to mark the Spring Equinox, with a nature-centred meditation, poems and an open sharing space. We invite you to bring along some reflections, a song, a piece of writing or something else on the themes of Spring, Nature, and Climate to share if you wish.

More About Earth Holders Edinburgh

Earth Holders Edinburgh is a community taking mindful direct action for Mother Earth as an integral part of our spiritual life, drawing strength and wisdom from our connection with nature and with the Earth. We are open to members of all faiths as well as those who do not identify with any.

Sunday 21st March (12:00 – 13:00)


Hosted by Kate Daly

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Join Kate Daly to dance-in the Spring Equinox! Circle Dancing is a mixture of traditional and new dances to music from around the world. Kate will teach each dance, so you don’t need to have previous experience. All the dances will be suitable to dance in your kitchen/bedroom or wherever you have a small space. We look forward to dancing with you!

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Sunday 21st March (16:00 – 17:00)


Hosted by Paula & Susannah

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With ancient origins and endless applications, sigils are one of the easiest and most versatile magical tools to master.

If you’re looking to add a new element to your magical craft, or purely for a new grounding exercise, join Paola and Susannah in this introduction to sigil-work. You will get the chance to focus on your wishes for this new season, and learn a new way to channel it.

Everyone’s welcome, from the seasoned spell-caster to the intrigued skeptic! Just make sure to bring along something to draw on and something to draw with – simple white paper and pencils/pens will work fine, but feel free to get fancy with your stationary!


A zoom link will be emailed to you for each of the workshops you sign up to 🙂

Remember to keep an eye on our website and Facebook page over the Equinox Weekend for more springtime fun! Be inspired by the activities and creations being shared by the Salisbury Centre community – including foraging recipes, poems , and how-to guides for the spring!

If you have something you’d like to share, contact Susannah at community@salisburycentre.org or read more here – https://www.salisburycentre.org/call-out-for-springtime




Remember to keep an eye on our website and Facebook page over the Equinox Weekend for more springtime fun!

Be inspired by the activities and creations being shared by the Salisbury Centre community – including foraging recipes, poems , and how-to guides for the spring!

If you have something you’d like to share, contact Susannah at community@salisburycentre.org or read more here – https://www.salisburycentre.org/call-out-for-springtime




The Salisbury Centre  “Springing Back into Community” programme is  here, brining you a series of community-led events, workshops and varied offering to start tapping, with ease, grace and excitement into new creative and community energy for 2021

The programme so far includes offerings of many different flavours, from movement sessions, to harmonic singing, meditation, tai chi, Sound Journeys, Qi Gong, Discussion groups and much more!!



Thursday 1st April ( 11:00 to 12:00)

“RISING IN THE BODY THROUGH MOVEMENT (BMC)  (This event is the only one of the Series so far, subjected to current regulation, that will take place in The SALISBURY CENTRE GARDEN)

Hosted by Monica De Ioanni

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This session is dedicated to everyone who wishes to explore Somatic Movement Practice in celebrating and meeting the new season, the spring! No previous experience is required.

10 places available – in person event  in The Salisbury Centre Garden

During this session we will place your attention on our senses and the breath, connecting with the energy of the season and find the support from within to rise and flow into every new transition life is preparing for us.

We will explore body anatomy, movements and breath, starting from a sensory-perceiving body awareness.

We work in bare feet, please wear comfortable clothes and have water with you. Have also a notebook/paper and some colouring materials which we will be using for reflective writing/drawing during the session.

In this journey, we enter a creative process in which we can discover your own ability of resilience in connection to ourselves, the others and the environment.


BOOKING: click here to register


More about Monica

Monica runs Somatic Movement online sessions weekly: every Thursday evening and Friday Morning. If you like to join them please contact Monica at imprevistodanza@gmail.com

Monica qualified in Somatic Movement Education with Embody-Move (embody-move.co.uk) licensed by The School for Body-Mind Centering. Monica is a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). More info about Monica please visit her website www.imprevistodanza.com

Somatic movement with Body-Mind Centering (BMC) has an experiential approach, based on movement, touch, vocal expression and conscious attention. BMC has its roots in dance, physiotherapy and in various meditation practices. Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (1942), BMC involves an integrated anatomical study with physiological and psychophysical principles. It uses specific methodologies to investigate body systems and developmental movements.
If you have any questions about the session please don’t hesitate to contact Monica 



Sunday 4th April (19:00 – 20:30)


Hosted by Sattva Wellbeing 

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As we enter in to spring, this sound journey will help to rejuvenate the body and mind and get us ready for the dynamic months ahead.

A sound journey is an auditory experience that helps you to wind down and reach deep states of relaxation – a kind of brain massage. All you need to do is to put on some headphones, sit back, close your eyes and let yourself get carried away by the sound.

With a short meditation, we’ll set the intention for growth and abundance which will be followed by the sound relaxation. This session will incorporate a mixture of gong, voice, singing bowls and other soothing instruments to take you on a deeply relaxing journey.

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More About Aleks

Aleks (Sattva Wellbeing) offers Edinburgh based sound journeys, mindfulness and self-development workshops for growth, transformation and a happy mind.
Sattva (Sanskrit: सत्त्व) is the quality of balance, harmony, creativity, positive attitude, serenity and peaceful-ness.


SATURDAY  10th April (10:00 – 11:30)


Hosted by Chris Watkins

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Spring is here! Now is the time to encourage the energy of the Universe to flow into and around our bodies again.

Join Chris in this ninety minute Zhineng Qigong session to release stress and anxiety and revitalise our entire system.

Ideal for all ages and for beginners as well as those with previous experience.

This gentle, rhythmic form of Qigong links breath, intention and movement helping reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance our immune systems.

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More About Chris

Chris is in his seventies, a keen organic gardener, sailor and hill walker. He has three children and has practiced Qigong for over 20 years. He has been running weekly Zhineng classes for the last five.“


Sunday 11th April (16:00 – 18:00)

NEW MOON CIRCLE (for Women) – the start of the astrological year

Hosted by Victoria Briones

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When women come together, incredible things happen!

Our New Moon gathering is a women-only* spiritual gathering that takes place during the first lunar phase, when lunar energy is at its quietest and deepest. We gather to reach for the support of our peers and do a bit of self-care.

In this gathering we’ll be exploring the energy of Aries the Ram, the first sign of the astrological year, and setting intentions for the lunar month ahead. We’ll be exploring our own ability to initiate, expand and assert ourselves.

Not sure what we are about and what we do? Then keep reading…

Our gatherings are open to all women and for this we make sure everything we do at the New Moon Circle is suitable for people of all backgrounds and abilities: it is within its intrinsic simplicity where the power of the circle lies. Come as you are, we are here to learn together.

The circle is formed by a group of self-identifying women* from different backgrounds, age groups and interests, and it is thanks to this variety that the gatherings are so enriching.

We gather to come home to ourselves: when we gather we get to know ourselves through others. There is nothing more transformational than connecting with others at a deep level, and nothing more radical than equals that consciously build community to support each other. By doing so, we become the change that is needed in our lives and our society: we learn we can stay true to ourselves while building authentic relationships. The connectedness we experience through these gatherings isn’t just a mindful practice: it is truly revolutionary.

As a spirituality group, we gather to consciously connect with what makes us alive, with ourselves and with one another. We do not follow nor are tied to any religions and welcome women that find themselves at all stages of their spiritual paths: whether you are taking your first steps or have mindfully journeyed for many miles, you are welcome.

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More about Victoria 

Victoria has been doing community development and facilitating groups and talks for over six years. She has a background in complementary therapies and has been using astrology as a tool for self development for fifteen years.


WEDNESDAY 14th April (19:00 – 20:30)


Hosted by Alan Skirving

BOOKING: click here to register

An accessible and experiential workshop suitable for complete beginners and those with some experience. Exploring an embodied & principle based approach to Tai Chi & Qigong – exploring mind, body, breath, movement & senses.

Suggested Donation – £20 / £10 low income

Further information: www.alanskirving.co.uk

BOOKING: click here to register

More About Alan:

Alan Skirving is a Tai Chi, Qigong & Yoga teacher based in Glasgow. He began practising in 1997, and has trained for over two decades, in in the Cheng Man-ch’ing and Huang Sheng Shyan lineages of Yang Style Tai Chi. He has explored other styles of Tai Chi and internal martial arts, various forms of Qigong, Yoga and body-mind & movement practices. His practice and learning continues, approaching it with an open mind, and exploring the common and complementary aspects of these practices.

Alan is a registered advanced instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and began teaching professionally in 2015, having previously worked in the NHS.

Thursday 15st April ( 18:00 to 19:30)

“FREE YOUR BACK” – with the Feldenkrais Method®

Hosted by Jackie Adkins

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Discover greater ease in your back by increasing your awareness of how you move – enabling you to release unnecessary holding and making everyday actions pleasurably effortless. We will use the subtly powerful floor-based movement lessons of the Feldenkrais Method® – a unique approach to expanding your potential, using the medium of movement.

As you are guided through specific movements you are encouraged to pay attention to the way that you use yourself – becoming aware of limiting patterns and gradually uncovering new, more effortless ways to move. After a lesson people often feel lighter, more grounded, open and relaxed. It is suitable for anyone, including those with back pain, tension or recovering from injury – as well as those simply wanting to learn more about themselves. You must be able to get to the floor to lie down and up again, unaided.

BOOKING: click here to register

More About Jackie

Jackie Adkins is a Feldenkrais Method® practitioner based in Somerset, with 20 years experience.  She taught workshops at the Salisbury Centre for 10 over years and now offers regular online classes and workshops.

Tuesday 20th April (18:30- 20:00)

DANCING MIRRORS- Movement Exploration for Health & Creativity

with Francesco Benvenuti

BOOKING: click here to register

This will be an experiential and fun-filled workshop exploring accessible ways to use movement, as well as mirroring exercises (on zoom or in person), as a way to free energetic pathways in the body and, hence, our emotions and mind.

We will share ways to open up the joy of individual embodied practice, connect deeper to our own selves and to others, to ultimately remember one thing we all share: the experience of living in this beautiful and incredible body.

Our body is a fractal of the wider world we live in. By exploring and re-finding balance and flow in our body movements, through fun and non-judgemental mirroring practices, we can rewire our self-limiting beliefs and patterns, toward a fuller and brighter expression of who we are and what we are here to offer in this world.

By combing a mix of movement practices, to traditional indigenous wisdom as well as trauma informed somatic practices, this session will provide a safe environment to grow, have fun and support each other as a community to grow.

BOOKING: click here to register


More about Francesco:

Born in Italy, I spent many years travelling across Asia, Australia, Central and South America, becoming inspired and deeply transformed by traditional healing traditions, energy healing methods and ancient Shamanic Ceremonies and practices.  My philosophy is one of Devotion to a whole energy greater than its parts and I am motivated to build community, challenge the paradigm, reclaim sovereignty. I walk my talk by increasingly sharing  my gifts, talents and practices through:

  •  HEALING MOVEMENT (awakening through movement exploration, Qi-gong, Tai Chi, embodiment coaching and the magic that we can tap into our body through flow and connection to Nature, mostly resonating with Daoist principles, Plant Spirit communication, and Natural time and Natural law principles rooted in the ancient Mayan calendar culture. I deeply trained in the Tradicinal Chionese Medicine practice of Shiatsu Bodywork and intuitive touch therapies)
  • HEALING MUSIC & ARTS  ( Music as a life passion, my songs carry uplifting messages of hope, healing and inspiration, holding the vision for that would we would like to leave to our children and grandchildrens  —Soundcloud channel /   Youtube
  • HEALING RITUALs  (My connection and passion in working with ritual and with the Sacred Fire. Having spent many years across Central/South America, Asia & Australia, my training and work is deeply inspired by traditional and tribal healing traditions, energy healing methods and ancient Shamanic Ceremonies and practices.  I hold fire rituals and ceremonies to tap into the sacred and connect to the mysteries of various mystic traditions)

More info on www.Resonancetherapies.life




Wed 21th April (18:00 – 20:00)

REBEL MIND- OPEN HEART -Mindfully Awakening to Spring

Hosted by Amy Nichol (Founder of Rebel Mind Mindfulness)

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‘There’s a crack, a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in’ (  Leonard Cohen)

The arrival of the Spring equinox signifies a moment of balance, when both day and night are equal. After a year like no other, many of us are seeking balance: to recognise the darkness, and honour the impact on our minds, hearts, emotions and connections, while also opening to the promise of transitions and a lighter days ahead.

In this spirit of balance, you are wholeheartedly invited to join Amy Nicoll of Rebel Mind, for a gentle evening of mindfulness practice. We will begin by turning towards our inner landscape with compassion and curiosity, making space for what arises. In this spirit of spaciousness we will then explore opening to others and the world around us.

Please bring a journal and pen with as we will do some reflective writing.
If you have any questions please email rebelmindmindfulness@gmail.com

BOOKING: click here to register

More about Amy

Rebel Mind was created by Amy Nicoll. Amy undertook her teacher training with the Mindfulness Association. She is a member of the Mindfulness Association and participates in regular professional supervision and CPD activities. She completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness Studies at the University of Aberdeen and has a Graduate Certificate in Counselling Skills from University of Abertay.

Amy has over 10 years experience working in education – in youth work, further education and secondary schools. She is experienced in supporting students with a wide range of challenges, from specific learning differences to mental health and wellbeing difficulties. She is also experienced in tutoring diverse groups of students, adept at imparting complex information in a clear and engaging manner. This informs her approach to teaching mindfulness; she creates and holds a safe space, in which participants can develop their knowledge and understanding of mindfulness, and gently turn towards any difficulties that may be present for them.
Initially something of a sceptic, Amy was converted to mindfulness through experiencing the subtle but radical shifts that occur when we slow down, turn the volume down, and connect with ourselves. She is now passionate about sharing this with others.

Thur 22nd Apr (19:00 – 20:30)

“SING INTO SPRING: – Celebrate your Voice with harmonic songs

(If Covid-regulations allow this event might happen socially distanced in the garden)

Hosted by the Inner Cheile – Katie & Francesco

BOOKING: click here to register


Join the Inner Cheile Harmonic Duo  for an evening of spring chants, songs to celebrate the blossoming of the season and to explore the opening of your voice from the comfort of your home.

Katie and Francesco will share harmonic chants from around the world and bring you on an uplifting, joyful and relaxing evening.

This will be an inclusive space where we welcome people of any or no religion/spiritual practice. NO PREVIOUS SINGING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – we will co-create a gentle and safe space to enable our voices to express freely, giving an opportunity to our heart to open and join together into a single melody.

BOOKING: click here to register

More About Katie & Francesco  – The Inner Chéile

Katie and Francesco are loving partners who started “The Inner Chéile” , a musical project aimed at creating and holding spaces of healing, love and celebration through shared harmonies and sounds. Cheile in irish means “harmony” & “togetherness”, reflection of the balanced space Katie and Francesco aim to cultivate within and between them, & to honour their Celtic roots.

  • Katie works as a dedicated environmental educator and activist, with a background in eco-therapy, ceremonial work, shamanic training, reiki, poetry and music.
  • Francesco is a passionate Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Movement Instructor, Singing voice facilitator, Ceremonial space holder and a Carrier of the Sacred Fire. He composes his own songs which he loves sharing in a variety of ceremonial settings and festival.
    (see more about Francesco’s work here : www.resonancetherapies.life

Follow their musical journey on Instagram @theinnercheile


Sun 25th April (10:00 – 11:00)


Hosted by Anne Marie Birch

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Throughout 2021 I have been offering a simple, joyful  daily practice of connecting to sacred knowing in the heart, through silence, breath, movement and laughter Divine alchemy It has been beyond joyful and profoundly powerful in the transformations that I and the group have experienced We are consciously planting powerful seeds and enjoying the springing forth of new opportunities and possibilities All true change and power comes from within  Our Frequency creates our experience A clear intention to receive the wisdom of our hearts,  feel ( frequency)

Gratitude , kindness compassion , peace, ease, freedom. AS we receive, we can CHOOSE to fully open and focus on that frequency!  We will move and breathe this frequency through our body, our heart s and being.  We laugh and breathe and celebrate the Energy in motion that we are.  This is a joyful, fun and powerful , individual and collective prayer, creation

Our frequency shapes our experience and we know that connecting consciously through our breath and heart in gratitude individually and collectively creates higher and higher frequencies that we embody and experience in our life. This benefits everyone and everything The power of a coherent group is so much more than additive Lets be the change together



By choosing to attend you are taking complete responsibility for  your own wellbeing .    It is the participant responsibility to check  prior to attending for medical advice if you have any concerns”

This practice will be offered on zoom.  There will be a sharing of the power of intention,  the breath , heart wisdom ,laughter , movement and the alchemy of consciously focusing this divine mixture to support intention and then a 30-minute practice

To participate you will need a space where you will not be disturbed,  space to stand and move a little and space to sit down /lie down to breathe. If you are new to conscious breath work, it will be good to see you on screen breathing so I can offer guidance

BOOKING: click here to register

More About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie is passionate about self -empowerment and well-being. She has been training and studying many different modalities for over thirty years and brings all that she knows and is into any offering. She started learning about Transformational Breath® in 2004 and loves to share conscious breath to support wellbeing in aspects of life she loves the Salisbury centre and is so grateful to be part of the community and to know and be part of it thriving She feels it is a heart in Edinburgh

Saturday 1th May (16:00 – 17:30)

“PHILOSOPHY & PLANTS” – Make your own Terrarium

Hosted by Rosa & Daniela

BOOKING: click here to register

Join us in a nurturing space where we are each gently guided to creating our own small piece of the outdoors by planting a small terrarium; a piece of living art that you can enjoy for years to come. This creative experience will be the stimulus for a philosophical dialogue where you are invited to reflect on the activity guided by a skilled facilitator.
The facilitator will guide the discussion to ensure depth of questioning and reflection, but will take your lead and follow the flow of the room, allowing you all to bloom into a space where you are invited to think critically and creatively; turning the ordinary into the extraordinary by looking through a different and, sometimes surprising, lens.
Before joining us, make sure you have purchased a terrarium kit from: www.ukterrariums.co.uk at least 7 days before the workshop date.
Use discount code Salisbury10 for 10% off your purchase and email us if you’d like to collect your kit from us at Abbeymount Studios.

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Sunday 2nd May (14:00 – 16:00)

“CELEBRATING THE SWIFTS RETURN” – Nature Connection & Surveys

Hosted by Katie O’Neill (RSPB Swift Conservation Officer)

BOOKING: click here to register

Swift bird (Apus apus) Credit: RSPB


Join RSPB Edinburgh Swift Cities Project Officer Katie O’Neill for an afternoon of birdwatching and nature-based wellbeing activities. We will learn about the swift bird, practice some nature connection for wellbeing activities, and contribute to conservation research for this wonderful bird by taking part in a swift survey.

This will be online with activities to do in your garden/ local greenspace, or in the salisbury centre garden, subject to COVID restrictions.

BOOKING: click here to register

More about Katie 

Katie works as a dedicated environmental educator campaigner and activist, with further background in eco-therapy and as a yoga trainee teacher



Date TBC (check back on this page)


Hosted by Lita & Cassie (founders of the www.thehologram.xyz )


The Hologram enable the exploration for communities of how to became re-empowered in caring for our own health, as individual and as a community.

Come and explore the concept of community medicine and solidarity in this workshop offered by this internationally self-organised group.

This workshop is usually offered for pre-existing groups, organisations or communities providing  participants new to the concept of the “hologram”  with basic information about the history and reasoning behind The Hologram practice, as well as an opportunity to experiment with it together in practice.

The practice itself values and puts together the processes of personal introspection, social cooperation, and strategic anti-capitalist organization.

The workshop takes 3 hours and is composed of ⅓ part presentation, ⅔ part participation led by 2 facilitators. Everyone who joins us will be well supported, challenged, and invited to join the larger global Hologram community of practitioners.

The confirmed date for this workshop & info on how to book will appear on this page very SOON (so keep checking or follow us on Facebook)