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Event Series Event Series: Soul Song- Vocal Activation Ceremony & Chanting (With optional Cacao)

Soul Song- Vocal Activation Ceremony & Chanting (With optional Cacao)

A monthly evening of Ceremony, chanting and vocal activation & expression  to celebrate being alive, reconnect to our unique inner true and give our heart the permission to express and to shine through singing and vocal expression
This evening is for you if:
  • You feel you would like to explore and use your voice more
  • Part of your 2023 resolution is to sing more and explore your voice.
  • Would like to sing but have been telling yourself you cannot sing (that’s a Lie!)
  • would like to activate your heart in community, through enabling more outer expression of you inner landscape
  • want to be held in a safe ceremonial space where to feel supported in releasing blocks in your throat chackra
  • you would like to learn some wonderful songs with harmonies and mantras

We will open the tap of our heart through our voice, and will focus the energy released and moved through setting an intention together and being held in a SAFE & WELL-HELD ceremonial Space.

A transformational experience of devotional singing with songs and chants from around the world, including a RESTORATIVE sound journey to conclude the evening. (Francesco’s Sound Journey and Restorative Soundscapes at The Salisbury Centre have been really popular)

What to Expect:

Expect some guided mediation & breath-work, voice opening exercises, singing games and warm-ups, chants from around the world, harmonies and opportunities to let your heart open and activate its potential.

This event will last about 2 hrs and will include

  • Chakra TONING practice (To rebalance our system through sound vibration)
  • Harmonic Mantras & Songs
  • Short Guided meditation & Breathwork
  • Voice opening warm-ups & Improvisation games
  • Vibrational exercises
  • Group chanting
  • Happiness and harmonies
  • Moments of silence, stillness and relaxation
  • Sound healing to end
  • (OPTIONAL –  Organic Ceremonial Cacao will be also available as an allied sacred plant to help us tune even better in our heart – This will be optional and a financial contribution would be asked to cover the cost.

Chanting offers a chance for pain relief from such illness’, tuning into and releasing tensions in our body and bringing a sense of inner harmony, helping our bodies to heal to full health faster. We love offering these participatory singing/chanting and sounding events as the uplifting and healing effects of chanting together is becoming increasingly evident and scientifically recognised.

This is an inclusive space where we welcome people of any or no religion/spiritual practice. the lines between musician and audience are blurred: the audience members play a vital role in the music we will be creating together.

NO PREVIOUS SINGING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – we will co-create a gentle and safe space to enable our voices to express freely, giving an opportunity to our heart to open and join together into a single melody.

**** We will also work  optionally with the sacred medicine of “CACAO” , from Mexico, as a way to keep us centered and open in our hearth ****


Suggested donation for the evening will be £10– £15


email: FrancescoBenvenuti.ed@gmail.com


Please wear loose comfortable clothing

Some yoga mats  and pillow are available, but bring warm layers to stay cosy and warm

Please bring a water bottle

Please arrive 10 mins early, begin promptly at 6.30pm

(optional) Bring your favourite crystal/totem/power object/picture of your guru or alter item that resonates with you for this evening.


BOOKING RECOMMENDEDPrevious event were MAXIMUM CAPACITY so booking in advance required

BOOKING:  To book email:FrancescoBenvenuti.ed@gmail.com

These sessions will  be hosted by Francesco (Read more about Francesco here) who will share some of his healing songs both gathered on his travels, working in healing retreats centres as well as own medicine songs and sound journey instruments (He might be joined by his partner with whom form an harmonic due “The inner Cheile” )

Mats, blankets and pillow are available (Yet bring your own if you prefer and have some)

  • NO LATE ARRIVALS (as that would disturb the session when started)
  • Doors will close sharp and session will start at 18:40

About the Facilitator

Francesco Benvenuti will hold the ceremony.

He loves bringing both his talent and love for chanting, music and mantra songs as well as the experience accumulated over his training, travels and adventure across Central & South America, and Australasia, and spending time with Indigenous tribes, numerous teachers and learning how to pray to welcome Magic and flow into our life.

Hear a snippet of some of Francesco’s Mantra music here

Francesco is a passionate Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Embodiment Coach, Singing voice facilitator, Ceremonial space holder and a Carrier of the Sacred Fire.He composes his own songs which he loves sharing in a variety of ceremonial settings and festival. (see more about Francesco’s work here : www.resonancetherapies.life)
Occasionally, Francesco’s partner Katie will join these sessions to co-hold a mantra singing prayer space (together Francesco and Katie are part of of a Ceremonial Chanting Duo “The-Inner-Cheile” ( https://www.facebook.com/innercheile/) . Katie works as a dedicated environmental educator and activist, with a background in eco-therapy, ceremonial work, shamanic training, reiki, poetry and music.