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Secrets of Posture

Secrets of Posture
Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd 15:00-16:30
Wednesday 23rd 11:00-12:30
“Of all the weird and wonderful things people talk about, posture is one that everyone knows is important. But how well do we actually know it?
What is good posture and how can it help us?
  • More Energy, Less Stress
  • Eliminates Pain and Muscular Tension
  • Physical Balance aids Mental-Emotional Balance
Join Adam in this immersive talk to illuminate the body, and how we may take better care of ourselves and live lighter, brighter, fuller lives!
  • Correct Posture
  • Structure – Bones and Fascia
  • Causes of Imbalance
  • Stress and Buried Emotion
  • Solutions to Calm, Strengthen, and Realign
This is a great chance to learn from the direct experience of Adam’s journey and discover universal practices and principles that can aid you to increase your vitality.”
To book and for more information please email – AdamAwakens@proton.me

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