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Salisbury Centre Music Jams (Bring Instruments/songs)

Weekly on a Wednesday  (18:30 – 20:30) 

July – 20th (first session) 

***27th JULY CANCELLED ***

August –  3rd  & 31st 
…then weekly from September 7th  

A semi structured yet open, inclusive & creative space for music lovers & musicians (at all level of experience) to jam together, try new things, and support each other individual creation process.

You might be interested in coming along if:

  • You love music/playing music and would like to jam with other people but usually feel unsafe or not confident enough to do so (…either because some sessions are too intimidating and full of professional musicians, or maybe because you might be a bit shy and find it hard to take space)
  • You like playing and jamming with people (possibly also around a fire!) and seek more regular opportunities to do so
  • You have some music creations, songs, rap pieces of your own that you would like to share with other musician, for them to jam or play/sing along with you.

These sessions, which will take place mostly (whether dependently) around the fire in The Salisbury Centre garden, will offer a safely held space for music players to gather, experiment, sing and jam together.

We especially welcome musicians who are quite shy and not feel confident to share their music. 

Each session will also offer a space for one or two musicians (who might want to put themselves forward) to share their songs and creations with the group, as well as to invite everyone to jam on their piece. The hope is for musical artists to gain confidence sharing in a supportive space as well as create bonds, gather new musical idea (as well as feedbacks if asked for) , possibly harmonise, and enjoy the experience of playing their own song with others, as if in pop up music-band! :).

  • If you are interested in offering your songs for a specific evening get in touch with FrancescoBenvenuti.ed@gmail.com and we’ll try to arrange
  • You might want to tell any musician friends you might have to come along and join in your pieces!

These sessions will be hosted by FrancescoSee more about him here www.resonancetherapies.life/francesco) , with the intent of creating a safe and inclusive space for all, as well as to provide a basic structure and practical suggestions to aid the flow and creative process of the group.

Come with an open mind, leave your judgment at home and bring your musical soul 🙂 (Yes..we all have one!)


Attendance Notice

Interest in, basic proficiency, and possession of your own instrument is recommended for attendance (at this stage) (…some shakers and percussion might be available)

There is a suggested and voluntary contribution, for these who can afford, from £3 – £10, as to support the Salisbury Centre and some of Francesco’s time co-ordinating and committing to these slots regularly.

To Donate bring cash or visit www.SalisburyCentre.org/donate (And use the Reference “MUSICJAM“)

For any question or enquiries get in touch with Francesco at Oath.Roslin@gmail.com or call 07900117836