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Sacred Sounds Yoga Journey

Welcome to 2022s Sacred Sounds Full Moon Yoga Journey with Peter Govan and Hazel Watson

Join us for a nurturing 2 hour practice of slow, restorative yoga with myofascial release, while bathing in immersive relaxing musical voice, and a host of gorgeous sounding instruments including harmonically affirming Tibetan singing bowls, Koshi chimes and more.

This class will allow you to release any tension stored in your physical body as we transition into the winter months, using yoga and sound healing along with self massage techniques. Hosted just before the Full Moon, the ideal opportunity to let go and deeply relax allowing the serenity of the music to carry you to a peaceful place of inner stillness, energetically align yourself with your inner light and remember your connection with yourself as a part of nature.

The instruments are skillfully woven as a coherent tapestry of music to melt into your yoga mat and blanket with the relaxing beautiful sounds of this Sacred Sound journey concert with…

  • Mesmerising Vocal Harmonics
  • Soaring Melodies
  • Additional Tibetan Singing Bells & Bowls as a chorus of sound
  • Koshi Chimes which sound like fairy bells
  • Harmonic Overtone Singing accompanied with Indian Harmonium.

All inspired from Tuva Mongolia & the Mountains of Scotland.

Your facilitators
Peter Govan has been a musician, composer, performer and workshop facilitator for many years with a degree in performing arts and music and has a deep sensitivity and receptivity in his work. He has 15 albums to his name, appeared in the Semi finals of Britains Got Talent and is invited to conferences and music symposiums, the world over.

Hazel Watson leads weekly hatha yoga classes at the Salisbury centre. She aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, so that no matter your level of experience, everyone benefits from the gifts of yoga. She has a holistic approach including the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in her practice, encouraging you to accept whatever is arising in you.

Exchange: Sliding scale £20-£40

Email Harmonicshappen@yahoo.co.uk to book your space (limited spaces available).

Please arrive at 6.40pm onwards to orientate yourself in the space & get settled in.

Do arrive early for the benefit and relaxation of all attending.