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Relax, Lie Down & Listen – Restorative Soundscapes

Dates: Wednesday 7th Dec 2022

  • Then monthly, on the last Friday of each month from Jan 2023 (18:30 – 20:00)

“Swathed in blankets & surrounded by candle-light,  I lie back and absorb the sounds, lyrics & harmonies to feel restored, present and connected”

BOOKING RECOMMENDED Previous event were MAXIMUM CAPACITY so priority would be to  those who email & book a place. 

Drop-ins are though also welcome

BOOKING:  To book email:FrancescoBenvenuti.ed@gmail.com

In these times of outer turmoil, confusion and noisy transition come and recharge your inner soul battery in these restorative healing and restful sound sessions!

Each session will be unique and the soundscape could feature a solo artist, a sitar music group, Georgian singing or medicine musicians sharing sacred sounds & songs aimed at allowing you to relax, receive the healing power of music and delve deep into an inner meditative landscape of peace & hope.  

These sessions will initially be hosted by Francesco (Read more about Francesco here) who will share some of his healing songs both gathered on his travels, working in healing retreats centres as well as own medicine songs and sound journey instruments (He might be joined by his partner with whom form an harmonic due “The inner Cheile” )


What to expect

Simply come after a busy day, bring your favourite cosy blanket and a willingness to be supported into shifting back into a safe inner space of relaxation, presence and meditation.

You will be welcomed and invited to take a place sitting or laying down in the beautiful Studio of The Salisbury Centre .  Some short nervous system relaxing and resetting practices, using easy movements and sounds, might be offered before the start of the session.

Then simply listen and receive what is shared and sung.

During the session there might also be the opportunity, may you wish so, to use your voice to join in some mantras and harmonies to help connect and relax through using your voice.


Opportunities for Musicians

The intention behind these events is both to offer a sanctuary space for offering the healing power of music to the Community and whoever might wish to attend, as well as to gradually bring together artists, audiences and communities to explore the transformational, unifying and healing powers of sound, encouraging collaboration, co-creation and improvisation between artists.

If you are interested in joining in as a musician sharing songs or to collaborate with lead musicians get in touch with Francesco @ FrancescoBenvenuti.ed@gmail.com.


Mats, blankets and pillow are available (Yet bring your own if you prefer and have some)


  • NO LATE ARRIVALS (as that would disturb the session when started)
  • Doors will close sharp and session will start at 18:40


Suggested donation:

  • £8 to £14 – going to support the Musicians and The Salisbury Centre

To Donate bring cash or visit www.SalisburyCentre.org/donate (And use the Reference “SOUNDSCAPE”)

For any question or enquiries get in touch with Francesco at francescobenvenuti.ed@gmail.com  or call 07900117836

About the Facilitator

Francesco Benvenuti will hold some of the sessions and gather other musicians who will be present at some of the sessions.

He loves bringing both his talent and love for chanting, music and mantra songs as well as the experience accumulated over his training, travels and adventure across Central & South America, and Australasia, and spending time with Indigenous tribes, numerous teachers and learning how to pray to welcome Magic and flow into our life.

Hear a snippet of some of Francesco’s Mantra music here

Francesco is a passionate Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Embodiment Coach, Singing voice facilitator, Ceremonial space holder and a Carrier of the Sacred Fire.He composes his own songs which he loves sharing in a variety of ceremonial settings and festival. (see more about Francesco’s work here : www.resonancetherapies.life
Occasionally, Francesco’s partner Katie will join these sessions to co-hold a mantra singing prayer space (together Francesco and Katie are part of of a Ceremonial Chanting Duo “The-Inner-Cheile” ( https://www.facebook.com/innercheile/) . Katie works as a dedicated environmental educator and activist, with a background in eco-therapy, ceremonial work, shamanic training, reiki, poetry and music.

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