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Qi-Gong & Free-Flow-Movement class

By combining the teachings of Qi-Gong exercises, principles and practices together with individual explorations of free-body movement & dance (and aided by, sometime Live, Music), this class offers an opportunity to cultivate the life force energy within our body, release stress & tension as well as harmonise the body, mind and spirit. Qi-gong is easy to learn, less strenuous than yoga or pilates, and is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels.

The class will be divided in two parts:

1) LEARNING : In the first part we will learn simple yet powerful Qi Gong warms up & exercises that combine three elements: abdominal breathing, slow postural movement, and visualisation.
2) FREE-MOVEMENT/ DANCE / FUN !! The second part will facilitate, through music and other suggestions, the individual exploration and application of what was learnt to free-body movements (yes, you will also be able to dance if you wish!)

By integrating physical postures, slow movements, breathing techniques and focused intention Qi Gong/Tai Chi is a system of self-healing that has been used in China for thousands of years to achieve health and longevity. It literally means “working with the Qi energy”, the all-pervading vital life force that keep us alive. As Qi circulates in our bodies in energetic pathways called meridians, it nourishes our body, internal organs, and promote our emotional, psychological and spiritual balance and well-being. When our Qi does not flow smoothly dis-ease (which is a lack of ease) can manifest in our body and mind.

Suggested donation: £6-10

Sessions led by Francesco Benvenuti from Resonance Therapies Edinburgh. Click here for Facebook page.