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Pranayama Sessions

Pranayama Sessions
The Pranayama Sessions is an hour long class exploring the traditional practices of Pranayama (Breath Control) as well as various forms of meditation.
The main meditation practices being Japa, or Mantra Meditation. These practices stand the test of time in improving our wellbeing, and bringing balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. We will start with some gentle stretches to create some space through the torso, shoulders, spine and hips, and then open with a mantra/chant to begin the practice.
The foundation of our practice is incorporating rhythmic diaphragmatic breathing into our everyday lives. Something that is so simple in nature and has such profound effects, yet is so easily overlooked when we approach changes to our wellbeing. We’ll do this by building on our foundations with Resonance breathing and into Ujjayi to bring balance to the nervous system before approaching the more subtle Pranayama practices.
In these sessions we’ll explore various Pranayamas in detail such as:
-Nadi Shodhana
-Kapola Shakti Vikasak.
Well move on to practice our Japa meditation, our closing chants, and settle into our final relaxation.

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