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Playback Theatre – Audience interactive performance (with Sempervivum) “Connections Through Time…….”

Come join this exciting interactive performance at the Salisbury Centre!

Sunday 14th May  – 14:00 – 17:00 

  • 14:00 – 14:45   Arrival, welcoming chat & settle in
  • 14:45 – 16:00    Interactive Performance (Theme ” Connections Through Time…….“)
  • 16:00- 17:00  Tea, Refreshment & Q&A

Playback Theatre is improvisatory theatre which invites audience participation from those who wish.

Stories and experiences from everyday life are then re enacted , performed with artistry and respect, using Playback techniques.


It began in New York in 1975 and since then has become a worldwide movement.

Playback has a wide range of applications , from community gathering and celebration, to education, social work and personal development.




To Book email: sally_freedman@yahoo.co.uk  or Text/Call 07941771070


Suggested donation for the event – £5 – £15 (Nobody would be turned away for lack of funding and this is just a suggested amount, less, more or none are also all welcome)


To donate bring cash on the day, or donate online via www.SalisburyCentre.org/donate (And use “PLAYBACK” as reference)

Sempervivum has a history very closely connected with the Salisbury Centre and Wellspring and it has always included elements of self development, social awareness and community building. Playback Theatre also includes these elements  and the Edinburgh playback group was formed by one of Sempervivum’s longest standing members, Gary Smith, who is a therapist at Wellspring.

He is still connected with the group, which  transferred to zoom and continued throughout the covid epidemic.

One of Sempervivum’s strengths is its ability to move, change and develop so the inclusion of Playback in our varied repertoire of activities is a reflection of this willingness.

The Playback performance is as experiential as the individuals in the audience want it to be-they are invited to join in, by sharing their experiences, imaginings and feelings, in the safe setting we aim to provide


What is Playback?

Playback is a unique* form of interactive theatre where participants and audiences are invited to share moments and stories from their lives. The stories are heard, honoured and witnessed by the performers who bring them to life using voice, movement, dance, music and song. Playback Theatre is a powerful tool for affirming life experiences and building community.

We start from an empty space and no script. In this space, we together – audience, actors, musician and conductor – open a flow of directions ideas, moments and stories. The storyteller will have an opportunity to see their story in a new way, in a new light.  One story calls the next story and this story will bring other stories.

At the end, we are all one in this unique experience. We each participate emotionally, resonating with each piece of life that we have had the opportunity to share. We know each other and boundaries between us dissolve. That performance was our performance and can never be repeated. The stories will resonate in our mind for many days.

Playback was founded in 1975 in New York by Jonathan Fox, Jo Salas and the original Playback Theatre company. There are now companies and practitioners all around the world.

* It’s easy to confuse Playback with similar (but different) activities:
Forum Theatre emerged from Auguste Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed repertoire.
PsychoDrama is a generic term for a range of Action methods developed by J L Moreno to move beyond ‘talking’ therapies.
Click on the terms to open a new page and explore the differences between these approaches.

National and international organisations

There are Playback theatre companies dotted around the UK and a Playback Theatre School, based in London. A lively UK network encourages us to learn with each other, through regular UK gatherings: there’s even a new Facebook page – check it out and ‘like’ it! An international network connects practitioners around the world.