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Open The Heart – Edinburgh Micro Retreat

Edinburgh Micro Retreat

We are delighted to invite you to Open The Heart: a workshop fostering loving kindness, self-awareness and community connections through holistic practices… bringing spiritual energies from Thailand’s mountains into the sphere of Scottish Autumn.
We are Filip, Nazarena and Jessica, a group of holistic wellbeing practitioners passionate about the mission of opening spaces for personal and community connections through raising energetic vibrations. Skilled facilitators in fields including shamanism, meditation and creative writing, we are excited to be able to present this unique offering which blends diverse practices into one powerful and transformative afternoon. This is not us dropping into the role of teacher and intellectually transferring knowledge. Instead, we will act as guides supporting each participant in coming home to the wisdom and joy that exists within each and every one of us. The workshop is suitable for total newcomers to these practices, and all levels of prior engagement with spiritual tradition. In fact, we especially encourage people to come who may be interested in a nurturing introduction to cacao, mindfulness and journaling!
We recognise a need within Western societies for people to be able to get to know their true nature, which can often be obscured by the ego and a fragile sense of identity that is rooted to the material. We have seen, in environments where the peace of nature reigns supreme and where healing space is given priority, how coming into alignment with the soul naturally leads to joyful appreciation of this life, and to flourishing connections with other people and the planet. As we are in the early stages of building a collective tribe inspired by these values, we are opening our project to all who resonate with the drive to build a better world through inner peace and empathy. If you want to get involved or learn more about what we do, feel free to email Jessica at jessica.ruby.clark@gmail.com or text her on +447704106594. Book a space at Open The Heart to experience our project for yourself. Ticket price includes:
  • Sacred cacao ceremony, using plant medicine to unlock our inner compassion
  • Sound healing
  • Guided mindfulness meditation and movement
  • Reflective journaling to encourage self-awareness and love
  • A delicious, all-vegan meal

More information about your facilitators and the practices we will be using throughout the workshop is available at linktr.ee/opentheheart. Thank you for connecting with us and can’t wait to see you there!

Cost: £50