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Friday Midday Meditation

Weekly Friday Meditation: 12:00-12:45

Just sitting in silence together. The meditation starts when the first person sits down in silence. We may light a candle. Someone will give a signal when the mediation ends at 12:40.
This meditation started in the mid-80s as a healing meditation for the Angel of Edinburgh and the Lothians – now it is a meditation without any specific guidance – just sitting together in silence.
Cushions, chairs and blankets provided. Donations toward the upkeep of the Centre are very welcome but not necessary. No need to book: just arrive a little before the start, and maybe stay for the shared lunch after.
Friday shared lunch (please do not call it “pot luck” – that is such a horrible Americanism)
After the midday meditation, some of us have lunch together. We each bring some food and we share. If you want to join us, please arrive a little early, so we can have the food on the table at one o’clock – then we can bless the food, the company and the creator together before we eat.
This is a great way to meet with many lovely people involved with The Salisbury Centre, as well as to make new friends!  FREE – All welcome! No need to book: Just drop by (with or without bringing food 🙂).


Wellspring Room