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New Moon Yoga & Vocal activation for Inner Freedom

A beautiful and restorative evening class merging gentle yoga practice, vocal release & voice/hamonic sounds bath with a focus on clearing blocks in our throat chakra to manifest our dreams!

Welcome to this exciting and unique collaboration between Hazel and Francesco @ the Salisbury Centre!

Spring is exploding all around us, the sap is rising in the trees, flowers are blooming and the birds are making their nests.   Especially after the colder, darker months, we all have some residual blocks that clog our inner sap/energetic channels and impede us to nurture,focus on & manifest our dreams!

By using powerful yet gentle Hatha Yoga asanas, simple throat opening exercises as well as accessible vocal activation practices this evening will support you in clearing any mental, physical, emotional or spiritual blocks which are hindering you from speaking and embodying your unique Truth.

A perfect opportunity to shake off any residual physical tension and emotional blocks from the Winter and to  transition into the flow of the blossoming Spring.

***This is a shorter version of a whole-day exciting ceremonial retreat that we will be offering on April 8th – Enquire to find out more!***


Astrologically we are coming out of the Pisces season (all about dreaming and feeling into our most hidden potential) and moving into Aries (the sign which prompts us into finally taking action and stepping toward our goals).  This new moon in Aries on Tue March 21st is a wonderful opportunity to clearly activate your throat chakra, state your dream (to yourself and/or others) in order to manifest your highest potential!

This evening is for you if:

  • You would like to restore mind-body-spirit via some gentle yet powerful yoga practice

  • You are interested in exploring using your voice more, especially in the context of yoga practice & personal expression

  • Want to be part of a powerful evening to honour this New Moon energy collectively

  • Would like to seek clarity on your heart’s calling & carve some time to clear your energetic channel using yoga and your voice/vibration


  • Slow restorative Hatha Yoga practice

  • Vocal opening & Vibrational exercises (No need to know how to “sing!” – Only a willingness to explore and to honor your edges/limits)

  • Simple yet powerful mantra chanting (Optional)

  • Harmonic Sound & Vocal bath to end

P.S. This will be a safe and non judgemental space where to simply be yourself, and be encouraged to honor your limits.

About the Facilitators:

Hazel Watson leads weekly hatha yoga classes at the Salisbury centre. She aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, so that no matter your level of experience, everyone benefits from the gifts of yoga. She has a holistic approach including the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in her practice, encouraging you to accept whatever is arising in you (Instagram @hazelwatson_studio)

Francesco Benvenuti is a passionate Vocal & Embodiment Coach, Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Singing voice facilitator, Ceremonial space holder and a Carrier of the Sacred Fire. He has been involved with the Salisbury Centre for many years both as staff, as well as community event facilitators, offering a wide variety of highly appreciated holistic workshops, classes & ceremonies to the community. Francesco also composes his own songs which he loves sharing in a variety of ceremonial settings and festival (see more about Francesco’s work here : www.resonancetherapies.life & https://soundcloud.com/user-60817115 )

Exchange: Sliding scale £20- £35

Email FrancescoBenvenuti.ed@gmail.com for any enquiry.

Please arrive from 6.40pm to settle in and claim your mat 🙂

Address: 2 Salisbury Road

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