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Natural Vision Improvement Introductory Talk and Workshop

From Eyesight to Insight with
Aileen Whiteford MSc (Advanced Education)
Natural Vision Improvement
Introductory talk and workshop
Saturday 8 th October 10:00am to 5:00pm.


Come and join me for a day and learn that eyesight can improve naturally, there ‘is’ an alternative to glasses, contact lenses and laser surgery!
Using Dr Bates Method I have taught Natural Eyesight Improvement for more than 30 years, helping people to improve their eyesight and to have a better
understanding of the mind and how it plays a part in how we learn to see the world.

Dr W H Bates believed that ‘every eyesight problem has its origin in the mind!’
The event will take place on Saturday 8 th October from 10:00 to 5:00 with a short break for lunch.
In the morning I will talk about my work with Eyesight Improvement with an introduction to Dr Bates method. Lunch will be followed by a practical session
demonstrating the activities, developed by Dr Bates that I utilise in my work.

Please note that lunch is not provided.

This is a free event but a donation would be appreciated.

To reserve a place or for more information email Aileen at; vision.education@btopenworld.com
Find out more about this work at www.aileenwhiteford.com

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