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MOVING FROM WITHIN – Somatic Movement Sessions with Monica De Loanni

Soma (from Greek: body) is the living body; breathing, moving, sensitive and perceived body. From its awareness the moving body becomes an instrument of unfolding knowledge and awareness. Within this two hours sessions, we will explore Body-Mind Centering© principles, we will work hands-on, eyes closed, opening our senses to perceive our soma, its inner breath and movement. Individual work will focus on nourishing our body and our connection with oneself creative potential, its expression in space and with the others. Supporting each other and learning from each other you develop a deep sense embodiment together with your individual unique body’s wisdom that supports and empower the everyday life and more and more discoveries. We will work on bare foot, please wear comfortable clothes and bring water and a notebook with you. When the weather will permit we will use the enchanting space of the garden at the Salisbury Centre. Classes are open to everyone. No previous experience is required. Contact person Monica De Loanni 07411335455 email: imprevistodanza@gmail.com Suggested donation œ12