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Moon, Myth, & Magic- Women’s New Moon Circle-

Next Meeting Thursday 4th November 7-9 pm in the Salisbury Centre.
Alongside the Myth of Persephone, the Myth of Inanna/ Ishtar is a rich, living story in which modern women can explore the concept and experience of conscious descent as a Shamanic Journey.

In order to realise the light (the conscious mind), it is to the dark (the unconscious mind) that we must journey in order to collect the lost and forgotten parts of ourselves.
I invite you to join me for a Shamanic enquiry to the inner planes to find the treasures of your own deep knowing.

The November New Moon occurs just a few days before the astrological point of Samhain (the Celtic name for Halloween). While 31st October is a popular time to celebrate this ancient festival, astrologically Samhain (or Halloween) is aligned with mid Scorpio season, occurring this year on 7th November at 4.50 am GMT.

Our Shamanic Moon Lodge will prepare us for the crossing into the dark half of the year.
Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is an excellent season to explore this ancient descent myth.

No previous experience of Shamanism or Women's Circles is required.

All women are welcome <3 To book your space, please go to the Eventbrite link below.