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Monthly Personal Contour

Monthly Personal Contour
Personal growth is usually considered “inner work,” something we do in solitude. But sometimes, you need to zoom out and get perspective on yourself. For that, you need a like-minded community that supports you, witnesses your process, and reflects what they see.
That’s exactly what Monthly Personal Contour provides. On the last Saturday of the month, it offers a safe, supportive, and inspiring space to share wins and struggles, and reflect on your journey in community with others. You’ll be able to exchange with other community members, ask curious questions, and play authentic relating games to unlock new ways of communicating.
If you’re tired of doing personal growth on your own and want to meet others like you, this is the time! The next meetup is on February 25th at the Salisbury Centre.
What to expect
This is a recurring, monthly meetup that allows you to connect with your goals and intentions, and use the community as a mirror for your growth. Others will allow you to see things about yourself that you might not see otherwise: your blind spots, your biggest strengths, places in which you need to grow, and areas in which you’ve already made huge progress.
Three core practices of Monthly Personal Contour are:
+ Self-reflection. Connecting to yourself before connecting to others is essential. There will be mindfulness practices, journalling exercises, and other activities to support you with that.
+ Authentic Relating. Authentic Relating games will allow you to get perspective on yourself, your growth, and your path. Most “juicy” personal growth happens in connection with others.
+ Rituals. By participating in rituals together, we create a shared, meaningful experience. This is the way to ensure a sense of safety and structure in a community, as well as to integrate the learnings.
If you have more questions about what to expect, you can email me at marta@contour.events anytime.
Practical Info
The next meetup will happen on 25th February, from 12:30 – 4 pm. Please aim to arrive 5 minutes earlier to settle in the room.
+ We’ll be in the Art Room on the ground floor.
+ There will be a maximum of 20 participants.
+ There will be a 30-minute lunch break around halfway through the meetup. Please bring your own lunch and something to share if you want! 🙂
+ There is tea and coffee available in the communal kitchen, at a suggested donation of 50p.
+ Tickets are offered on a sliding scale: £11, £22, or £33. Please feel into what you can contribute and choose the appropriate ticket.
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About the Facilitator
My name is Marta Brzosko and I will be your guide and facilitator during this retreat. I run a regular Authentic Connection Group at the Salisbury Centre as well as facilitate community trainings and group meetings. Mindfulness and Authentic Relating are two practices that guide me.
I hold a post-grad diploma in Mindfulness and Compassion and have completed the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programme. I trained with Authentic Revolution in Authentic Relating and Leadership skills, and have completed an Authentic Relating Facilitator training.
Here’s what people say about my events:
“I came across Marta’s Authentic Relating events in Edinburgh and have been hooked ever since. When I arrived I was helped to feel very at ease, I had little idea what the evening would be about! Exercises were well explained and a lot of fun. It is incredible to come away from a gathering with such a feeling of deep connection and wellbeing.” – Kas Berys
“I really really love Marta’s facilitation style. She speaks from the heart with feet on the ground and eyes and arms wide and welcoming. She is playful and joyful and unjudgemental, and this helps to create a space that feels safe to experiment in new ways.” – Beth Thomas
“These interactions gave me important feedback to re-examine and re-evaluate mental and emotional processes, like tendencies to leave behind, attributes to develop, etc. I strongly believe that lots of people will deeply benefit from these meetings, realizing the fact (sooner or later ) that every interaction works as a mirror, reflecting back what we are giving/sending out.” – Kostas Makrys

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