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Mindfulness Level One: Being Present Weekend Three

Part of mindfulness practice is learning to work with strong emotions that arise and developing the capacity to ‘hold’ difficult experiences within body and mind. Identifying our reactive patterns of preference reveals how working with attitude is all important, and so, through training in acceptance we learn to acknowledge and come to terms with difficult thoughts and emotions by paying them close attention with a kind and inclusive attitude. This leads to a gradual dis-identification with the contents of our experience and shift in perspective in which we come to see that we are not our thoughts. This weekend, we will use the RAIN practice (Recognise, Allow, Investigate and Non-identification) as a way of progressively training in acceptance, and practice loving kindness as a way of bringing warmth to our inner environment. This weekend is œ150.00 (payable in monthly installments) and runs from 10.00am till 17.00pm on a Saturday and Sunday. To book please contact info@mindfulnessassociation.net