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Mindful Somatic Movement Meditation

This class provides a quiet and setting to bring peace and harmony through a balance of stillness and movement. By combining meditation, mindful movements, conscious breathing and some Qi Gong exercises, this class offers an opportunity to relax the mind, free the energy flow within the body and to harmonize the spirit. It is accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels, and is indicated to those who wish to explore a different form of meditation where the body is welcome to dynamically express itself in a mindful meditative way.

The class will be divided in two parts:

1) Meditation & Warm up : In the first part we will practice some body based meditation, learn about and connect to the breath, and learn simple Qi Gong warms up & exercises that combine three elements: abdominal breathing, slow postural movement, and visualization.
2) Somatic Movement meditation & Musical Flow: The second part of the session will involve connecting the breath and body movements to the music in a meditative state (With an optional Blindfold for those who wish to drop into a more immersive body based experience). Beautiful recorded and live music (e.g. Harmonium, Guitar, flute etc..) will be played to guide the movement and to enable a meditative and relaxing individual exploration of this body based practice.

Each class will be slightly different, creative and drop-ins are welcome.

Participants will have the choice to mindfully:

– watch, listen and move/dance
– follow the movements and techniques demonstrated
– simply swing and sway quietly
– meditate to the music (sometime live music) without watching or moving.
Suggested donation: £6-10

Sessions led by Francesco Benvenuti from Resonance Therapies