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Meeting with Yourself (with Sylwia Oppermann)

The quality of our lives depends on how deeply, truly and willingly we meet ourselves. I invite you for a meeting in the form of a short workshop, where through a very simple practice of being present, discovering what is true in the moment we will check where and and in which ways we can love ourselves more and accept ourselves deeper. I invite you to share the space with me. Let’s meet – at the level of the heart and from the level of equality – to observe together the movement of being and to open ourselves to what is appearing. We will sit together in silence, we will share that which wants to be revealed, we will also explore the space of relationship, maybe movement or singing will happen. We will open towards what wants to be experienced with alertness and curiosity. It is a simple tool and at the same time brings a deep insight towards what we truly are. No experience in meditation or any other spiritual practice is needed. You only need curiosity and openness to discover together what already is. My passion is to be involved in life with simplicity and authenticity and I invite you to join me in this.

About the facilitator: Sylwia Oppermann

By profession – a passionate photographer, privately – a poet, practising attentiveness, carefully observing reality, fascinated by that which is, a lover of animals, an enthusiast of conscious love and living life to the full. She works with the ‘photography of process’ – ‘I coined this term from a fusion of my two passions: photography and the practice of awakening. In my work I use the elements of working with the body through authentic movement, visualisations and meditations, but foremost being fully present, being rooted in the here and now, and I bring this together with photography.’ She has been co-creating and holding the space of the Women’s Circle in London for the past seven years.

Facebook Page: Sylwia Oppermann – Konsultacje. Z sercem. : https://www.facebook.com/events/216429646471593

Meeting with Yourself consist in an 8 hours  workshop (with a lunch break) spent in a small group of women (max 6 participants). The cost of the workshop is £100. Saturday 12th September 2020, Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh.


To sign up contact Agnieszka Narloch tel. 07473 798 999.

There is also a possibility of having a private consultation with Sylwia in Edinburgh on Sunday 13th September.

Please note that this workshop will take place in  POLISH language.