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May 22nd Full Moon Circle – Flower Moon

This is a new series of community events at the Salisbury Centre. Our Full Moon Circles will provide an opportunity to come together to connect with and celebrate nature’s cycles and the seasons, as well as a chance to reflect on our own lives.

With each moon we will consider different energies and themes. This cycle, we are celebrating the Flower Moon. This is a native American name that celebrates the flowers bursting into life this month.

Reserve ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/may-22nd-full-moon-circle-flower-moon-tickets-903076775947?aff=oddtdtcreator

What we will do:

We will begin our sessions by getting grounded with some gentle movement and a short guided meditation or breathing exercise.

We will then share some tea made with freshly picked herbs while we introduce the themes for this particular moon. We will share any poems, songs or reflections that people have brought with them. This is optional, you do not have to share anything!

After this, we will move on to reflecting on our own lives with a small intention setting ceremony.

We will close the moon circle with a group song and meditation.

What to bring:

If you would like, we invite everyone to bring something to share with the group, such as a short poem, song or other reflection that aligns with the themes of this month’s moon circle. This could be something by an artist you admire or something you created yourself.

This month’s themes are:

  • Curiosity and adventure
  • New beginnings
  • Expansion
  • Intuition
  • Leap of faith

If the weather allows, we may do some of the ceremony outside, so please bring warm clothing.

If you have come to a previous moon circle with us, we invite you to bring back the paper where you wrote you intentions for the month. You will have a chance to reflect on last month and we will burn the old intentions to let in the new.


Please book a ticket in advance as there is limited capacity. Suggested donation: £5 – 10

Participation in our community-led events is often on a voluntary ‘by donation’ basis. This means that nobody is expected to make a payment if they cannot afford to do so. However, any donations received will be shared between the Centre and the facilitator, helping to make the events’ programme sustainable as well as to provide some reciprocity towards community facilitators’ time and skills offered.

Where a “suggested donation” is listed, this is just an indication of what the event might cost if it was ticketed – it is fine to donate less (or nothing at all). Donating is one way to show your appreciation for the value of the Salisbury Centre. Please consider ‘paying it forward’ by donating a bit extra if you can afford, helping to keep it possible for everyone to take part, regardless of their circumstances.

To donate:

bring cash on the evening, or

donate online on www.salisburycentre.org/donate (using “Moon Circle” as REFERENCE).

pay with card at the front door, please add a reference (eg. Moon Circle) using the pen icon top right on the pay-point screen