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Light of the Water Evening Retreat

On this day we will gather to celebrate the Abundance of our Home the Earth. Thanking Pachamama for all the blessings received and prepare for the Winter to come.

Gratitude is a practice. It is a practice that needs to be continuously reinforced so it becomes second nature. Individually, in one lifetime we have a very short stay on this Earth, so we need to learn to make the most of it, embrace happiness and feel gratitude everyday for this gift. Given the harshness of the collective history we are going through and the numbness in a culture which is highly distracted from what it is really important, to come together and retreat becomes food for the spirit in inconceivable ways.

A set of practices will allow us to dive deeper in the elemental forces, specially in this evening retreat Water and Fire. An evening full of music, flowers, ceremonial Cacao, fragrances, warmth, flow, dance, Yoga and much more… to reset us back to our original blueprint of Unconditional Love and cruise elegantly and full of joy through the Autumn.

The Venus Gong will put us in deeper contact with the essence of beauty and lushness.

This retreat promises to be deeply healing and restorative putting us in contact with the most innocent and vibrant part of ourselves.

Please do share if you know of anyone who would benefit from coming. Everyone is most welcome.
It is only with each other that we can move to the next level and spaces like this one put us in contact with the most beautiful aspects of humanity and what it means to be alive at this time in our history.