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Let’s Talk About The Future (Online)

This group will meet weekly online. To join, register via: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/online-lets-talk-about-the-future-tickets-104531219692

This is an open group and all are welcome to join, with the hope that it will eventually lead to a regular, closed group meeting.

Before the coronavirus threw us into lockdown, Pam Candea, Joan Herrmann and Cathie Wright led a group at the Salisbury Centre called A Time to Grieve; a Time to Hope, which was starting to attract people who wanted room to be able to talk about how they felt about climate emergency, and the loss of biodiversity. The advent of the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown have thrown these issues into high relief. Suddenly, we can hear birds, our air is less polluted, and there is a general slowing down. This is not without cost, which will become all to clear as time moves on. This is also an opportunity which is why we want to ‘Talk about the Future’.

The group will be facilitated by the three of us, who bring a range of skills from our different professional backgrounds.

Cathie Wright, has worked with many groups over her professional life in mental health work and as a psychotherapist. She trusts that groups can allow a range of feelings and ideas to be expressed that bring hope and energy into topics that can seem really difficult.

Pam Candea has been working with communities to tackle climate change for the last 12 years and facilitates groups taking action on climate change, climate justice, and environmental improvement in general. Key to her group work is that change starts with being able to express emotions in a safe space, and with the support of the group.

Joan Herrmann trained as an ethologist and ornithologist before retraining and qualifying as a child psychotherapist. She is retired from the Glasgow CAMHS and from her role as head of the Scottish (ACP) training in child psychotherapy. She is experienced in working with individuals and groups in the difficult task of finding ways to articulate our deepest, often unconscious feelings.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathie:    carw46@yahoo.co.uk

See Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/events/266826951375376/

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